Sharing is Caring, Especially When It Comes to Cleaning

Watch out for Water Damage

The East Coast has recently seen some of the worst blizzards in years, with snow falling so fast on New York’s streets that daily life, for a while, almost ground to a standstill.  But not being able to get around town isn’t the only problem our … [Continue reading]

Carpet recycling – the environment friendly way!

There comes a time in every carpet’s life that it is just too worn and torn to be fixed.  But don’t throw it out!  You can recycle it!  Check out the  "Carpet America recovery effort" web site: It’s a joint … [Continue reading]

The mose expensive carpet in the world!

A few weeks ago someone asked me  what the most expensive rug in the world was. I wasn’t sure, so I started researching the subject.  Although there are all different claims, there seems to be a general agreement that a rare mid-17th century Persian … [Continue reading]

Take a good look at those drapes…

Why is it that we seem to be so much better at getting our carpets, rugs and upholstery cleaned than our drapes?   Drapes are pretty important…after all, they give any room a great “extra touch” and are an easy (and cost-effective) way of change its … [Continue reading]

How often should I be cleaning my carpet?

It’s the big question – should you get in professionals regularly or try and do as much of the cleaning as you can yourself?  The general view, in the industry, is that using a company with the right know-how and expertise is the way to go.  As pros, … [Continue reading]