Sharing is Caring, Especially When It Comes to Cleaning

The Perfect Pumpkin Pie

It’s a staple for every table - yes, Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a sweet and succulent pumpkin pie.  Delight your family and friends with this quick and easy recipe, and have a very happy holiday. Ingredients: 1 9-inch pie … [Continue reading]

Fringe Cleaning an Oriental Rug

Fringe cleaning is a vital step when cleaning an Oriental rug.  If done improperly, it can ruin the whole appearance of your special piece.  So when choosing a company to do the job, don’t forget to ask all the necessary questions and make sure that … [Continue reading]

Grout Cleaning Tips

Grout can really make a beautiful bathroom look dull and dingy.  So what’s the best way to deal with it?  There are so many theories, and a lot of the experts will tell you to go out and buy expensive cleaning solutions designed especially for this … [Continue reading]

How to keep your home in great shape – Part II

Keeping your living environment pleasant and comfortable creates a good sense of well being.  And it doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming either.  Small things can make a big difference, so here are five tips to keep your home smelling … [Continue reading]

Get your home ready for winter – Part I

The last rays of summer are gone, leaves are changing color with us and winter is quickly approaching. And if you’re living in a cold area, or a Snowbelt, it makes good sense to be prepared before the worst of the weather sets in. So when getting … [Continue reading]