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Women Carpet Weavers in Turkey

Turks were amongst the earliest carpet weavers and especially Turkish women, who played a leading role in their creation. Historically, a young woman had a better chance of marrying if she was a skilled weaved, because carpets could form part of the dowry. Even today, it tends to be women who are responsible for the weaving and men for the repair of these beautiful pieces.

In the last few decades, the demand for Turkish carpets has meant the rise of big companies, who still employ women. However, some work in the homes, and not in the workshops, and aren’t paid an hourly wage, rather a sum for the completed carpet. How much she can charge can depend on how intricate the design is, the quality of the materials and the number of knots per square centimeter.

In general these women weavers remain anonymous, although in recent years some women have begun weaving their names on the rug, earning well-earned credit for their work. So the next time you shop for a Turkish rug, look for the woman’s name woven into it, and think about how much work she put into it.

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