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Remove Red Wine Stains from leather rug

Remove Red Wine Stains from leather rug   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Flat Rate Carpet (@flatratecarpetwork) on Oct 5, 2019 at 4:08am PDT … [Continue reading]

Local Oriental rug cleaning, repair and restoration services

Our experts provide specialized Oriental rug restoration services all over New York & New Jersey, giving your rug its colors and vibrant look back again. Using tried and tested techniques, we are able to give each group of fibers its exact color and … [Continue reading]

Fine hand-woven, an antique Persian rug Cleaning

Whether you have a fine hand-woven, an antique Persian or a contemporary piece, we have the knowledge and equipment to clean it thoroughly. Giving each rug the special care it deserves, we guarantee you a stainless, soft and fresh-smelling … [Continue reading]

Remove vomit smell from the carpet and get the vomit spot out of carpet

So how do you get pet vomit or urine out f the wall to wall carpet ? Cleaning a cat vomit stain with hot water extraction. Pet vomit hardens and sinks into carpet fibers, creating a mess. hot water extraction method will help get grum out of your … [Continue reading]

How To Bring New Life To Your Old & Tired Sofa

Sofa Cleaning Tips

Buying new furniture is expensive and a hassle. It’s far easier to preserve and revive your current furniture instead. Many people rush to dispose of their sofas and upholstery chairs as they falsely believe they are damaged/worn-out beyond … [Continue reading]