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How To Remove Toxic Mold From Your Carpet

wool carpet

Identify and Eliminate Carpet Mold Is there anything more unhomely than mold? It grows in the walls, roofs, and of course, carpets. If you have mold growing in your carpets then you need to act fast! Mold is not just damp and smelly, it can also be dangerous, especially if you have young children in the house. If you have a major mold … [Continue reading]

Which Type of Carpet is Easiest to Clean?

nylon carpet

It's lovely to have carpets at home: they're colorful, they're bright, they're nice and comfy to walk on, and they add both coziness and a stylish touch to your place. These days, there's a variety of carpets available to suit every taste: carpets … [Continue reading]

The Most Common Carpet Problems During Summer

It's summertime. It hot, it's humid, the kids spend a lot of time at home, and you have more time to invite friends of family over for dinner or lunch. However, did you know that all these things take their toll on your carpets? Summer may have its … [Continue reading]

Get your carpets clean for summer with these tips

carpet cleaning before summer

If you have carpets in your home, you may have noticed that they need better and more frequent care during the summer. While winter isn't very kind to carpets – what with mud stains and the difficulty of airing carpets outside when it's raining – … [Continue reading]

Should you clean your carpet yourself or hire a pro?

There is no way around it: it's time to clean your carpet. When you just bought it, it looked brand new, its colors were bright and it was so clean you could eat right off it (not that anyone would want to eat right off a carpet except your dog, … [Continue reading]