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Remove vomit smell from the carpet and get the vomit spot out of carpet

So how do you get pet vomit or urine out f the wall to wall carpet ? Cleaning a cat vomit stain with hot water extraction. Pet vomit hardens and sinks into carpet fibers, creating a mess. hot water extraction method will help get grum out of your … [Continue reading]

How To Bring New Life To Your Old & Tired Sofa

Sofa Cleaning Tips

Buying new furniture is expensive and a hassle. It’s far easier to preserve and revive your current furniture instead. Many people rush to dispose of their sofas and upholstery chairs as they falsely believe they are damaged/worn-out beyond … [Continue reading]

Commercial Carpet Cleaning – Expert Tips & Tricks

If you’re the manager of a commercial property then you will know just how complicated proper carpet care can be. Looking after your carpets at home is a hard enough task, but office and commercial property carpet care can be a real … [Continue reading]

Dry vs Steam Carpet Cleaning – Which Method is Best?

  Cleaning your carpets is a simple, routine activity, right? Wrong. Believe it or not, even something as seemingly straightforward as carpet cleaning can actually be a pretty complex enterprise. First, you have to decide whether to … [Continue reading]

How To Remove Toxic Mold From Your Carpet

wool carpet

Identify and Eliminate Carpet Mold Is there anything more unhomely than mold? It grows in the walls, roofs, and of course, carpets. If you have mold growing in your carpets then you need to act fast! Mold is not just damp and smelly, it can also be … [Continue reading]