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Remove vomit smell from the carpet and get the vomit spot out of carpet

So how do you get pet vomit or urine out f the wall to wall carpet? Cleaning a cat vomit stain with hot water extraction. Pet vomit hardens and sinks into carpet fibers, creating a mess. hot water extraction method will help get grum out of your carpet and it helps to disinfect, combining that with high pressure and non-toxic cleaning agents you have your perfectly cleaned carpet without stains or any type of residue.

The high pressure ensures hot water extraction method is being injected into the fibers to loosening the unseen trapped dirt and allergens and kill bacteria that are responsible for the smell. ultimately it is extracted out with a high-powered vacuum in these cases, where you can see vomit, it is imperative to use this process to disinfect the area, making it safe for contact again.

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