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Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Services

Professional Carpet Cleaning: Give Your Room a Whole New Look!

At Flat Rate Carpet Cleaning we proudly offer you the most reliable carpet cleaning and restoration solutions in New York, NYC, New Jersey and Connecticut area. 

We know from experience that a sparkling clean wall-to-wall carpet is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to instantly renew your home’s look. Cleaned of dingy-looking spots and dirt your carpet is transformed back into your fresh floor covering.

Our free cleaning demonstration in your home will show you exactly how easy and effective it is - so you see us in action before you pay a dime. 

Unlike most carpet cleaners we use organic and non-toxic compounds which will breathe new life into your wall-to-wall carpets. These gentle cleaning solutions are tough on dirt but will leave your carpets feeling soft and cozy. 

Our commitment to natural products is how we are part of safeguarding the environment inside your home and out.

Call us now at (866) 466-4576 for all your carpet cleaning needs in NY, NYC, NJ & CT Or use our Online Form.

We also offer high-quality carpet protection.

Our cleaning services provide you with:

  • A new look - transforming a room
  • Removal of allergens - such as dust mites and pet hair
  • Organic cleaning - protecting the health of your family & pets
  • Elimination of harmful bacteria - thorough disinfection
  • Softer to the touch - a softer carpet
  • Stain removal - virtually any stain will disappear
  • Fresh Smell - wall-to-wall freshness with carpet deodorizing
  • A 100% guarantee - we fully guarentee all of our work

New Life for Your Carpet

We promise to give your living areas the same thorough care as our thousands of other satisfied customers It's why they choose Flat Rate Carpet Cleaning again and again.

Carpet Cleaning FAQ

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Carpet Steam Cleaning title=

Carpet Steam Cleaning

It's time to steam clean your carpet! Use our deep cleaning method, natural, green - and effective. We guarantee results and quality work.

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Hot Water Extraction title=

Hot Water Extraction

The best cleaning method for wall to wall carpet cleaning. Green, fast, efficient - and guaranteed to get your carpet looking as new once again.

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Carpet Pet Stain Removal title=

Carpet Pet Stain Removal

Get rid of that terrible pet urine smell, and get back your fresh wall to wall carpet feeling. Our natural green cleaning solutions will keep your carpet clean and beloved pet safe and happy.

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Carpet Cleaning - Before & After


In Upper West Side, Manhattan NY, 12/01/2016Done By: Francisco, Perez

Flat Rate Carpet Team Cleaning and removing stain and dirt from a carpet. and all is back to normal...


In Upper East Side, Manhattan NY, 12/02/2014Done By: Danny

This wall to wall carpeted area was near a hallway, which meant a lot of foot traffic, including by care free children :) We applied our deep cleaning method, along with natural cleaning products and made it clean and fresh as it once was.


In Riverdale, The Bronx NY, 12/02/2014Done By: Eric Perez

Entering a disaster area after a somewhat wild party, we had to get to business. One of those businesses was removing wine (red and white) spills from all over the house carpet. And as you see, we handled it well.


In Upper West Side, Manhattan NY, 8/07/2014Done By: Mac

This hallway was dirty and weary due to much day to day traffic. We worked on it part by part until it was perfectly cleaned.


In Arlington, Hudson NJ, 9/15/2013Done By: Francisco, Perez

Using several cleaning products (all bio degradable), we were able to get this carpet clean again.


In Greenpoint, Brooklyn NY, 8/20/2013Done By: Francisco, Perez

This home had a very cozy feel to it, partly duo to its long upholstered staircase. We removed all of the stains using organic cleaning methods.


In Babylon, Suffolk NY, 8/15/2013Done By: Francisco, Perez

A comprehensive wall to wall cleanup for an entire apartment building. Most commercial jobs demand preparation, planning and a good execution, and this time was no different.


In Williamsburg (South Side), Brooklyn NY, 7/29/2013Done By: Sagiv N.

Making this very busy hall look good again.


In East Orange, Essex NJ, 7/28/2013Done By: Thomas

A corridor that once again looks professional and clean.


In Newark, Essex NJ, 6/25/2013Done By: Eric Perez

Another happy carpet is smiling wall to wall thanks to our wonderful technicians and effective cleaning process.


  • "I liked that Eric, the technician, cleaned a test spot in my carpet first. It made me feel comfortable with...

    Becca McGail, NYC
  • To everyone at Flat Rate Carpet,It's been a pleasure working with you all the past two years! In our...

    Matt Lowery
  • "Hey Ron, I don't know how your guys did it, but the dog smell disappeared, and the rug is like new with no...

    Richard, Hempstead, NY
  • I thought the easy chair would need an afghan forever, but your technician removed the wine stain and other...

    Melissa Donner, Brooklyn
  • My Oriental rug is fragile and needed cleaning. Your people did an excellent job of cleaning it, even in its...

    Mrs. Laura Darling, Westchester, NY
  • "I got a great clean at a very reasonable price from the team at Flat Rate. I would use you again and again."

    Wendy Davis, Boerum Hill, NY
  • Hi Tom!This is a little note for you and your crew who did a beautiful job on my mom's living room and...

    Sheryl Ann
  • "Alex from Flat Rate did a great job cleaning my couches. He gave a great explanation of the quote and price...

    Patti McConor, Aberdeen Township, NJ
  • "..I can't believe how good my house looks after professional carpet cleaning. Thank you, Flat Rate Carpet."

    Jake House , Salem, NY
  • "I think Flat Rate is probably one of the best cleaning companies in town when it comes to value and results."

    Shannon Dunbar, Oldmans Township, NJ