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Carpet Installation

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Carpet Installation Services New York & New Jersey

A Touch of Warmth, Luxury With Wall To Wall Carpet

Wall to wall carpet offers more comfort and warmth than any other flooring option on the market. It feels luxurious and adds style throughout your home.

Live Comfortably

Wall to wall carpeting helps turn your home into a sacred, cozy haven for you and your family. It absorbs all unwanted sounds and noise giving you a peaceful and quiet sanctuary. It better insulates your house which keeps you warm during the cold winter months. Wall-to-wall carpeting also offers a safe surface free from slips and trips.

We know that choosing a wall to wall carpet requires time and research to make the right choice for your home. We will help you find the right combination of style and performance to best suit your budget and lifestyle.

Call us now at (866) 466-4576 for all your Carpet Installation needs in NY, NYC, NJ & CT Or use our Online Form.

A Comfortable, Sound Investment

Carpet InstallationWhen you choose Flat Rate Carpet for your carpet installation, we spend a thorough time with you to choose the best wall-to-wall carpet. We start with a free home evaluation and then guide you through our large variety of colors and styles. We service all of New York, NYC, New Jersey & Fairfield County in Connecticut. 

When it comes time for installation, you can trust our experts. Our trained professionals install every carpet with superior craftsmanship and precision. We pay careful attention to every detail ensuring excellence and satisfaction. But, if for any reason you are unhappy with your installation, rest assured, because our work is 100% guaranteed for 30 days.

Don't forget to ask a technician about our Scotch Guard service. Scotch Guard's stain repellant coat will not only protect your carpet from stains and dirt but also, keeps your wall-to-wall carpet cleaner and fresher for longer.

Chose The Right Method

Carpet Installation

Our two most popular methods include stretch and glue-down methods. The stretch method, with the carpet padding, provides more underfoot comfort and increases noise absorption.

The glue-down method, usually the less expensive option, holds up well against heavy, rolling traffic and helps prevent buckling.

Lasting Good Looks

To ensure that your new carpet stays fresh and looking new, don't forget to call Flat Rate Carpet every six months to have your carpet deep-cleaned.

Check out our Commercial Carpeting page for more information on Commercial Carpet Installations and also our Carpet Samples page.

What you must know about carpet installation

So you've finally found a beautiful carpet you want to install in your home. After many weeks, or even months, of perusing your area for the best carpet stores, debating over colors and patterns, comparing carpet prices and so on, you've located your dream carpet, the one that will freshen up your home and provide it with comfort, warmth, and beauty. So naturally, the next step is to install the carpet. Sound simple, right? Well, it's really not too complicated, only there are some things you should know before you do it.

Choosing the right carpet installation service

In many cases, the retailer from which you bought the carpet will provide the installation. However, some retailers don't provide that service; and also, while you might love the carpet you just bought, you may hear that the retailer's installation service is not very reliable or doesn't do a great job, so you're looking for someone else.

Since this carpet is probably going to be in your home for many years, it's important to have it installed by a professional carpet installation service, one that adheres to all industry standards, uses high-quality technologies and materials, provides a long-term warranty and has customer service. To find such a service, you can ask your friends and family members who have recently installed carpets for recommendations, check reviews on Google (Googling "carpet installation near me" should provide you with a list, a map, and ratings for each service in your vicinity), and also ask the retailer from which you've bought your carpet: they might have some names for you.

Checking that the carpet installation cost is reasonable

When considering carpet installation services, it is highly important that you check that the carpeting installation cost fits into your price range. If you're not sure what a reasonable price is, there are many online calculators that can provide you with carpet installation prices. So before you ask the service that you've found for a carpet installation estimate, find out what is considered to be an average cost for this service using such a calculator.

Preparing for the big day

You might have not known this – but there are things you should do before the carpet installers arrive, and things you must check that they're doing as part of the installation. Here's a checklist for you so you don't forget:

  • If you currently have another carpet on the floor, make sure it is torn out (professionally!) before the new carpet installation takes place.
  • If space, where the carpet is going to be installed, is going through other remodeling projects, such as painting, wallpapering or hanging of pictures and/or shelves – make sure these projects are completed before the carpet installation.
  • Vacuum the floor on which the carpet is about to be installed.
  • Remove any items that are breakable (vases, pictures, glass tables, etc.)  from the room in which the carpet is to be installed.
  • Remove all furniture (sofas, couches, tables, chairs, closets, bookcases, etc.) from the room and generally make sure the room is empty from any objects prior to the installation.
  • Detach cables from electronic devices (TV, computers, stereo systems) in the room and store them in a safe place.
  • Keep any pets confined in another room so they don't disrupt the installation process. Little children should also be away from the space where the carpet is being installed.
  • Open windows and doors to ensure fresh air circulation – carpeting brings up lots of dust, and materials used in the process might have an unpleasant smell.
  • Before the installers begin their work, make sure of the following things: the carpet has no defects, seams are to be placed in less visible areas, and carpet installation follows the carpet's manufacturing instructions.

Now that you know everything about carpet installation, you're good to go. Good luck!

Wall to Wall Carpet Installation