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Commercial Carpet Cleaning – Expert Tips & Tricks

If you’re the manager of a commercial property then you will know just how complicated proper carpet care can be. Looking after your carpets at home is a hard enough task, but office and commercial property carpet care can be a real challenge

Each day, dozens, if not hundreds, of people walk through the building, leaving a trail of muddy footprints and tattered carpet fibers. In addition, coffee and soda spills, food stains, dust, and grime all contribute to the decay of commercial and office carpets.

Keeping Your Office Clean Has Amazing Benefits:

Regularly cleaning the office carpets can affect productivity, health, and time. Workers in a clean and sanitary environment can focus on their tasks without being distracted my mess and dirt.


A clean and presentable office is also vital for business meetings and visitors. The first thing guests notice when they step into a new office is the cleanliness, and first impressions are everything.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Solutions:


No two office buildings are alike so it’s hard to prescribe a “one-size-fits-all” method for commercial carpet cleaning. That being said, we can offer several tips & tricks from our very own experts which will help you keep your office carpets looking just as fresh and new as the day they were laid:

  • Vacuum Daily: This is our number one tip for a reason. Daily vacuuming will prevent dirt from being stomped into your carpet the next morning. Each night, after the office workers have gone home, your cleaner or cleaning crew should vacuum every square inch of carpet. This makes it easier to perform regular deep cleans and will preserve your carpets in the long run.
  • Perform Regular Deep Cleans: This can be done every 6 months or so, depending on how dirty your carpets get over time. This will require the assistance of a professional cleaning service that uses proper equipment. You can choose either a steam carpet clean which uses a method known as hot-water extraction to rid your carpets of dirt, or dry cleaning which uses various chemicals to remove all dirt and grime from the carpets.
  • Treat spills and stains immediately: Don’t leave coffee stains and grime to fester in the carpet until the next deep clean. Train your staff or janitors on how to correctly treat carpet stains on the spot. Keep a jar of vinegar, baking soda, ammonia handy in the janitor’s closet and make it’s used to clear up all spills as soon as they occur.
  • Use the right method for each carpet: Some office buildings have different types of carpet on each floor. It’s important to use the correct cleaning method to treat each carpet. At Flat Rate Carpet, we offer a wide range of options, including foam cleaning, shampoo cleaning, bonnet cleaning, and more.

“Check out the amazing job we did at this office in New York. The deep, dark stains were completely removed and the entire carpet area looks fresh and welcoming.


Keeping a commercial property clean is no simple feat. There are many common sense reasons to bring in a professional office cleaning team on a regular basis. Not only is it one less thing you have to worry about, but you can also rest assured knowing your office carpets are in safe hands.

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  1. Absolutely!

    Carpets are injured by hundreds of soles and spill every day and it is essential they are cleaned every day. That holds true of commercial settings as well. A healthier environment enhances positive work atmosphere.
    Therefore, organizations and even homes must schedule an appointment with the professional carpet company near them twice every year.

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