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Leading Methods of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in NY & NJ

Wall to wall carpet is the preferred choice for most of commercial spaces. It gives the workplace the desired warmth, and efficiently adjust the noise level. 

The advantage of a wall to wall carpeting is known, but in order to keep it from also being a drawback, it needs commercial carpet cleaning regularly. We offer you the protection, restoration and cleaning of your office wall to wall carpet flooring. 

Using top of the line equipment and utilizing our vast experience in the field, we are able to give you the best commercial carpet cleaning service a professional business needs.

Among the advantages our service offers you:

- No disturbance: we can work at night, coming in after hours, so your freshly cleaned office will welcome you morning time.

- Fast & efficient: we use specialized equipment to keep noise levels to a minimum and perform the entire cleaning process as quick as possible.

- Bonded & insured: fully bonded and insured - a necessity when you work with many commercial clients all year through - you can count on us in any situation.

- Maintenance program: we offer our commercial customers a maintenance program, according to their specific needs and wants. Our tailor made program allows your business to save money and keep high standards of cleaning at the same time. 

More than that, all of our cleaning services are actually green cleaning, effective yet safe. Using biodegradable cleaning product, we can give your business a truly fresh cleaning experience while keeping everyone safe. 

Call today to make your day in the office a better, cleaner one. 

Methods of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning is not a simple operation: if you wish to thoroughly clean the carpets at your business or commercial facility, there are several options you should weigh and consider. It isn't something you can do by yourself; not even the cleaning person or team that you hired to clean your offices and facilities can do that on their own. This type of job can only be done by commercial carpet cleaners, that is, commercial carpet cleaning services.

To further understand how this works, here's a breakdown of the main methods in commercial carpet cleaning. Learning about them in advance will help you determine which method is suitable for your carpets and, accordingly, hire the right commercial carpet cleaner.

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction method, involves a pre-vacuuming that removes dry dirt from the carpet first. After that, the carpet is sprayed with a cleaning solution to treat grease and oil. Sometimes a brush machine or a grooming rake is used in that process to enhance results. At the end, the carpet is rinsed with pressurized hot water and vacuumed with a wet vacuum; this combination helps remove the remaining dirt and the solution. The main advantage of this method is that it doesn't leave any powder or other dry product in the air.

Dry foam cleaning

In dry foam cleaning, dense foam is applied to the carpet with a mechanical brush. Sometimes a pre-conditioner is applied first. A wet vacuum is then used to extract the foam and the dirt from the carpet. This method is known for being effective at removing stains and not causing moisture.

Bonnet Cleaning

In bonnet cleaning, a detergent solution is first sprayed on the carpet to break down the dirt and stains. Then, a rotating machine called bonnet machine, which has a removable bonnet or pad on the bottom, is run over the carpet. The bonnet absorbs the cleaning detergent and the dirt, and is replaced whenever it gets too dirty, until the whole carpet has been cleaned. The main advantage of bonnet cleaning is the low amount of water applied in the process, leaving hardly any moisture. Also, the carpet dries quickly after it's been cleaned.

Encapsulation cleaning

In this type of commercial cleaning, a special polymer is used which encapsulates all the dirt particles on the carpet. This is done by spraying the polymer solution onto the carpet and using a machine which agitates it into the fibers. The crystals produced by the process can then be vacuumed off the carpet. The advantages of encapsulation are that it's an economical and that the carpet dries fast.

Wet shampoo cleaning

This is a relatively old method which is sometimes still used today. A foamy solution is applied to the carpet in a way that gets into the fibers, and is then extracted by a wet vacuum. When using this method, make sure you use a synthetic detergent or a commercial carpet cleaning solution else a sticky residue might be left on the carpet.

In conclusion, there are plenty of ways to cleaning commercial carpets nowadays. Just compare commercial carpet cleaning prices and choose the service that has the best ratings and recommendations.

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