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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in NY & NJ

Wall to wall carpet is the preferred choice for most of commercial spaces. It gives the workplace the desired warmth, and efficiently adjust the noise level. 

The advantage of a wall to wall carpeting is known, but in order to keep it from also being a drawback, it needs commercial carpet cleaning regularly. We offer you the protection, restoration and cleaning of your office wall to wall carpet flooring. 

Using top of the line equipment and utilizing our vast experience in the field, we are able to give you the best commercial carpet cleaning service a professional business needs.

Among the advantages our service offers you:

- No disturbance: we can work at night, coming in after hours, so your freshly cleaned office will welcome you morning time.

- Fast & efficient: we use specialized equipment to keep noise levels to a minimum and perform the entire cleaning process as quick as possible.

- Bonded & insured: fully bonded and insured - a necessity when you work with many commercial clients all year through - you can count on us in any situation.

- Maintenance program: we offer our commercial customers a maintenance program, according to their specific needs and wants. Our tailor made program allows your business to save money and keep high standards of cleaning at the same time. 

More than that, all of our cleaning services are actually green cleaning, effective yet safe. Using biodegradable cleaning product, we can give your business a truly fresh cleaning experience while keeping everyone safe. 

Call today to make your day in the office a better, cleaner one. 

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    Jake House , Salem, NY
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  • "I think Flat Rate is probably one of the best cleaning companies in town when it comes to value and results."

    Shannon Dunbar, Oldmans Township, NJ