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How to Keep Your Rug’s Value – An Easy Guide

An area rug, by nature and design, is a delicate item. Machine or hand made, wool or silk, antique or brand new – it needs to be taken care of, regularly and with special attention, if you want to keep its value for years to come.

The rug colors, shape and general vitality could all be preserved with some care, most of it simple and easy to follow, as you will see in this concise and helpful guide.

We promise that if you choose to adhere to these suggestions – all coming from seasoned rug cleaning and repair technicians – your rug too will continue looking beautiful as time passes by.

Regular Cleaning

How to keep your rug valueVacuuming is the first and most basic part of keeping a rug intact. As dirt tend to accumulate over time and settle between the rug’s fiber, making the entire rug weaker, vacuuming can prevent that from happening.

Some gentler rugs needs to be vacuumed very carefully, so take that into consideration before you act or search for specific rug type vacuuming and cleaning instructions. On top of that, you can regularly use (if needed) cleaning solutions
after vacuuming, for better results.

Rotation, Rotation, Rotation

You should rotate your area rugs at least once a year. As traffic on the rug surface will not be spread even, so does the rugs color fading, tear and small but yet unseen damage. You have to even it out by rotating the rug, which would keep its integrity for much longer.

Also, when it time to repair or renew the rug, the damage will be minor and spread out equally, saving the need for a bigger, more expensive, repair. Other than that, It’s important to rotate – duration time – depending on how much traffic your rug is getting. The more it gets, the higher the rotation rate needs to be.

Immediate Care

Whenever a drink is spilled, or you suddenly notice a spot you’ve never seen before, taking action as fast as possible is critical. The more you wait, the harder it is to fix the damage since the rug absorb the foreign material and incorporate it with its own. That should be avoided, if possible.

Use Only Green Cleaning Products & Solutions

Whether you’re doing an emergency treatment for a new stain on the rug, or simply performing your routine cleaning protocol, we strongly advise that you’ll use only green, non toxic, biodegradable cleaning products. Today‘s market has top of the line organic cleaning products that can do a great and effective job, without the hazards to your rug and your health, hazards that a heavy chemical agent night induce.

Use Modern Tools

At home, or when you take your rug to get professionally cleaned, you have to make sure the equipment in which the rug is being cleaned is modern and up to todays standards. It needs to be effective, green and maintained properly vacuumthrough time. An old werked vacuum, or an unmaintained steam cleaning machine can often do more damage than good. The rule should be – use good cleaning products with good machinery when it comes down to your rug.

Scheduled Professional Cleaning

Although the basis of a good rug care policy is done by you at home and is almost completely up to you, it is highly recommended that at least once a year you will use a good, reliable, professional service. All of the home cleaning, care and maintenance can’t get the effect a deep cleaning process, done by pros, can do for your rug.

It lacks not only dusting, an important step that even some companies choose to pass on, but also the complete access a professional cleaning can get to every part of the rug, inside out. A professional rug cleaning expert knows what to use, how and how much. Without this routine step, your rug will deteriorate in a much faster rate. Also, a pro can notice early signs of tear or any other problem that needs to be taken care of right away.

Since area rug repair and restoration is not a simple or cheap process, that could be a real time and money saver for you.

The Right Way To Store Your Rug

Before storing an area rug deep in the closet or the attic, it needs to be rolled and not folded. If not done this ways, it could suffer from variable creases and irreparable damage. It also needs to be vacuumed and cleaned thoroughly, avoiding any type of dirt that cause further damage to the rug materials. If the rug is made out of natural fibers, it’s advised that your pack it with mothballs, keeping any harmful insect away.

The best way to make sure your stay intact, you can use our rug storage services.

It’s up to You

To sum things up, the lifespan of your rug is very much up to you and the care you choose to give it. Taking the right steps, using the right equipment and products, following the best practices as they are presented in this blog post – and your rug can and will live a very happy life right along with you 🙂

How to Choose The Right Area Rug

Weather you want to add color to the room or reinforce your sense of style around the house, Choosing the right area rug can be the perfect answer.

Varying from a machine made shag rug to a handmade delicate Persian wool rug, your options are almost limitless. Available to your are a wide variety of colors, patterns, materials, shapes, sizes and many more factors that contribute to a rug’s character.

area rug

But as with anything else, too many options can be a tad overwhelming. That is why we have some thoughts and tips for you on the subject, as real area rug experts and enthusiasts.

Size of the Rug

Measure your room properly and decide on the exact location of the intended rug. Size in this case is money, so you will need to decide on that first. With a big room, a large rug is needed, otherwise the whole space will look smaller or in the wrong proportions. On the other hand, if your sofa is backed-up against the wall – you can have a smaller rug, in front of it. At any rate, it should at least cover the length and width of your furniture.

Style of the Rug

Another major factor that should be consider at first, is the style of the rug and the character it showcase. A unique item and a substantive addition to any home, it is a true testament to its owners sensitivities.

The chosen rug should go hand in hand with your lifestyle. For example, buying an expensive and delicate main piece would be unfortunate if you have pets and little kids. It won’t hold or keep it’s qualities for a long time in such a household. Choosing a specific material that fits these circumstances, such as wool or a synthetic rug, would better suit you. The pattern of the rug would be another issue to consider, scaling between the minimalist bright rug to dense dark rug (on which stains would show less prominent).

Remember that patterned rugs can really complement your room color scheme, and that wear and tear shows less on these rugs, in comparison to cleaner, neater rugs.

Whichever rug you choose for your home, keep in mind that it is an item that – as the cliche goes – “really ties the room together”. Make sure you tie it the right way for you.

Summertime, and the Livin’ is Easy…?

During all of our years in the carpet cleaning business, we have learned that more – much more – people clean their wall to wall carpet during the summer than in the winter time.

They call us to complain about the dirt, stains, and especially about the odors rising in their house, wall to wall, as they ask for immediate assistance.


Why Does That Happen?

Wall to wall carpet gets dirty all year long, as they collect dirt and dust, yet the cold keeps it buried deep within its fibers, shrunken and mostly unnoticeable. But then comes summertime with all of its glory and humidity and allow for the expansion of the carpet’s fibers, releasing the hidden dirt out. Once that happens, it also becomes a perfect breeding ground for dust mites, bacteria and a whole host of problems.

What Can i Do?

You should really do two things to avoid your entire house spreading bad odor comes summer –

1) Keep regular maintenance that includes weekly vacuuming, treating stains and spots right as they happen, and keep a clean household in general – in the end, all dirt and dust will find it way into the carpet.

2) Use a professional carpet cleaning service at least once a year, for a truly deep cleaning that vacuuming simply can’t achieve. You will keep your carpet value, as well as avoid unwanted odors.

Have a happy & joyful summer!
(From everybody here on the team)

Staying safe during hurricane season in NY

Less than 50% of New York and New Jersey residents are preparing more for hurricane season this year, despite the devastation from Sandy and Irene still so fresh in our minds (and neighborhoods.)

As the rain lashes down this weekend please make sure that you and your families are prepared.

ny storms

1. Listen to local news– and take it seriously! If the weather warnings tell you to get out, then get out. Don’t put your own lives at risk, and don’t put local firefighters and other rescue services at risk.

2. Avoid driving during floods and storms. If you must travel check travel updates for the safest routes.

3. Keep kids away from flooded areas. Kids can drown in just six inches of water.

4. Keep emergency lighting and food stored high up in your home. Keep emergency supplies in waterproof coverings, along with phone chargers and spare batteries.

5. Make sure you clean out all flood waters from your home after the storm has moved on. Contaminated waters can introduce real hazards into your homes and bodies. Damp carpet and upholstery can breed mold and encourage bugs to breed in your home.

Call Flat Rate Carpet for a free estimate for water damage restoration. Stay safe.



Designing your home to reflect your style

Check out our great guest post by New York interior designer Michal Abehsera on New York carpet and rug choices to match your personality and fashion choices.

As an interior designer I see a strong correlation between our own closets and the carpets we choose to cover our floors with. Fashion comes with a world of choices and allows someone to portray oneself as he or she wishes.

Zebra print rugOne can be wild and exotic, or adorned with feminine flair, a sophisticated and classic chooser, or the loud and eccentric.  As an interior designer working in the New York area I encourage clients to also see their choices in home furnishings as a further expression of themselves.

Zebra, tiger, leopard, and cow have migrated from the wild into our homes. Their patterns and hides are a hit that awaken even the dullest of dull. Whether in their natural hues or bright and saturated bold colors, an animal print rug is sure to make an impact.

NYC carpetIf feminine frills and lace are your thing, lace replicas with velvet-like textures create a semblance of romance. Flirt a bit with these fine ruffles and the rest is history, your love story written.

Classic in your closet choices?   Herringbone, plaid and gingham your thing?  Translate that all the way down to what you walk on.  Cover your floors with carpets that will always be around time after time.

70’s retro your newest love?shag carpet cleaning NY  Well shag your way into a jungle for your feet.  Shag is back and bigger than ever.  Thick and thin, wool and cotton, from lowest of pile to high.  Choosiest of choosers, you can now make a choice.

Having a fling with a Mediterranean design? Moroccan and Persian patterns in rug design are the newest trend and spice up any space.  Patterns create movement and movement creates a flow, a cycle has been born.

Persian rug LGD has now become the new LBD.  Grey is hands, and in this case, feet down, the new black, white, and beige.  The choices of grey carpets now run from this world to the after world and beyond.

grey carpet  With a world of colors, textures, designs, patterns and trends in today’s carpet choices one could easily get lost and confused.  My advice?  Take your fashion style and translate into your carpet choice and you’ll pretty much be happy wearing that carpet on your floors all the time.

Interior Designer- New York

Interior Designer- New York

Michal Abehsera is a Parsons graduate and New York based interior designer specializing in modern and contemporary residential spaces.   Check out her website for home inspiration or to book a consultation.

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