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How to Keep Your Rug’s Value – An Easy Guide

How to keep your rug value

An area rug, by nature and design, is a delicate item. Machine or hand made, wool or silk, antique or brand new – it needs to be taken care of, regularly and with special attention, if you want to keep its value for years to come. The rug colors, shape and general vitality could all […]

How to Choose The Right Area Rug

area rug

Weather you want to add color to the room or reinforce your sense of style around the house, Choosing the right area rug can be the perfect answer. Varying from a machine made shag rug to a handmade delicate Persian wool rug, your options are almost limitless. Available to your are a wide variety of […]

Summertime, and the Livin’ is Easy…?


During all of our years in the carpet cleaning business, we have learned that more – much more – people clean their wall to wall carpet during the summer than in the winter time. They call us to complain about the dirt, stains, and especially about the odors rising in their house, wall to wall, […]

Staying safe during hurricane season in NY

ny storms

Less than 50% of New York and New Jersey residents are preparing more for hurricane season this year, despite the devastation from Sandy and Irene still so fresh in our minds (and neighborhoods.) As the rain lashes down this weekend please make sure that you and your families are prepared. 1. Listen to local news– […]

Designing your home to reflect your style

Zebra print rug

Check out our great guest post by New York interior designer Michal Abehsera on New York carpet and rug choices to match your personality and fashion choices. As an interior designer I see a strong correlation between our own closets and the carpets we choose to cover our floors with. Fashion comes with a world of […]