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How Anything Can Wreck Your Body

A recent NY Times article has all of New York buzzing about the new found dangers of yoga. As a long time yoga practitioner, all I can say to this article is, “Duh.” Running can wreck your body if you don’t stretch right, cycling destroys your hamstrings and aerobics classes leave my knees aching for days.

The fact is that any physically challenging sport carries with it the risk of injury, and that is no surprise. Yoga gained it’s safe and easy reputation years ago, before it entered into the mainstream. It’s true that yoga has a gentle side, but even the most relaxing yoga classes carry with it the risk of injury. When you add in a type A personality trying to fit in a workout during lunch, you are asking for it.

The most important thing to remember when practicing any activity, is to listen to your own body. Yoga philosophy stresses the importance of working within your own limits, and embracing your body’s abilities. Whether you are practicing yoga, basketball or long distance running, the only way to avoid injury is to be aware of the line between pushing yourself in a healthy way, and pushing yourself over the edge.


Green Holiday Ideas

We found a few green holiday tips to make it easy for you to go green this holiday season.

Start off your green holiday by replacing your old holiday lights with new, energy saving LED lights. Not only will it refresh your holiday decorations, but you’ll use up to 90% less energy! That translates to some serious savings on your energy bills.

Save paper by sending holiday e-cards this year, or you can order postcards with family photos. Be creative with your wrapping paper by using the Sunday comics or magazine pages. Double up on your gifts this year by wrapping your gifts in cute, reusable shopping bags.

By following our simple green holiday tips it’s easy to save the world, and our wallets.

Halloween Costumes for the Kids

Today we’re looking making costumes for Halloween. There are so many ways to make something fun, special and inexpensive for your kids, so take a look at a couple of our ideas below:

Skeleton Costume: sticky black plastic, black and white paint, a couple of safety pins, black clothes and some cardboard. After you’ve drawn the bones and rib cage onto the black plastic, cut them out carefully. Put on your black clothes, place the white bones carefully on your body then paint your face! You’re ready to scare!

Or what about a witch’s outfit? You can have it in black, orange, green or even purple. With a black t-shirt and a frilly or puffed skirt, all you will need are the traditional witch accessories – a black hat, magic wand and a broomstick!

You can make a wand out of a stick, painted black or another color, and decorate it with ribbons, a star or a feather at the top. You can make a hat with black felt or cardboard, or pick one up cheaply in a local store. And as for the broomstick – go and look in the cupboard!

Your daughter will love it.

Have a spectacularly scarey evening!

Amy Winehouse and Clean Living

It’s been about a week since the death of British jazz singer Amy Winehouse hit newsstands and social networking sites. While reporters, police and fans attempt to find the cause, I think that international interest keeps neglecting an important fact. Her death is about clean living.

Winehouse was a woman struggling with a serious illness, like several other millions of people in the world. Winehouse suffered from substance addiction. And, instead of educating the public about the reality of substance addiction, we subconsciously teach all generations to view addicts as dangers to social order or romanticized visions of fame. Yes, Winehouse, joined the 27 Club but that’s not important. She was unable to successfully live a clean life—a life without excessive amounts of drugs and alcohol.

For some people, clean living means having your house professional cleaned. But for others, clean living is truly a life or death decision.

The Recycled Wedding – Part II

Bride & Bouquet | Flat Rate Carpet BlogLast week we discussed paperless wedding invites, as a way of saving time, money and trees.  This week we’re talking about registering for gifts.  Why not choose a company that works a bit more unconventionally – that encourages your friends and family to buy you gifts that are environmentally-friendly and help merchants who are sensitive to the planet.

Check out  Everything is made in the USA, and made from sustainable sources.  They’re uniquely designed and the company’s ethos is that if we all make just a little more effort, the world will really become a better place!

Or if you have everything you already need, why not ask your guests to make a donation to a good cause.  The “I Do” foundation is a great way to go… check out the website, Your guests donate money and you choose the charity you want it to go to.  It’s a fantastic way to help others share your happiness.

You don’t have to compromise on quality either.