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How Anything Can Wreck Your Body

A recent NY Times article has all of New York buzzing about the new found dangers of yoga. As a long time yoga practitioner, all I can say to this article is, “Duh.” Running can wreck your body if you don’t stretch right, cycling destroys your hamstrings and aerobics classes leave my knees aching for days.

The fact is that any physically challenging sport carries with it the risk of injury, and that is no surprise. Yoga gained it’s safe and easy reputation years ago, before it entered into the mainstream. It’s true that yoga has a gentle side, but even the most relaxing yoga classes carry with it the risk of injury. When you add in a type A personality trying to fit in a workout during lunch, you are asking for it.

The most important thing to remember when practicing any activity, is to listen to your own body. Yoga philosophy stresses the importance of working within your own limits, and embracing your body’s abilities. Whether you are practicing yoga, basketball or long distance running, the only way to avoid injury is to be aware of the line between pushing yourself in a healthy way, and pushing yourself over the edge.