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Organic Cleaning

Green Planet, Green Home

Today, people across the United Sates continue to go green. From choosing locally grown organic foods to joining more recycling and composting programs, you show us your commitment to a healthier, safer life for your families and our environment.

To continue this commitment, remember to choose cleaning companies that use non-toxic, organic cleaning products during home cleaning processes. Many companies use harsh, chemical based products, but not Flat Rate Carpet. We share your green beliefs.

At Flat Rate Carpet, we follow green beliefs and offer green cleaning options like organic carpet cleaning, organic rug cleaning and organic upholstery cleaning.

We encourage all of our customers to do the same. We use non-toxic, organic products during our carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning treatments over the harsh, synthetic options. Trust us as your premier organic cleaning NY company.

The Green Alternative

At Flat Rate Carpet, we commit to using organic solutions and offer several organic cleaning methods. We define organic as the use of both cleaning products with natural, non-toxic ingredients and environmentally safe cleaning methods.

After careful research of cleaning product distributors, our vigilant green team found the safest, most effective products on the market. These non-toxic, organic products provide your home or office with a true and pure green clean.

Organic Cleaning NY Options from Flat Rate

Our green products feature natural, safe ingredients free of harmful detergents, harsh chemicals and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). They clean your home thoroughly and completely while actively protecting your health.

By choosing Flat Rate for your organic carpet cleaning, rug and upholstery cleaning needs, you further protect the health and safety of our environment. Feel free to visit our products page to learn more about our green products and distributors.

During our organic cleaning treatments, Flat Rate Carpet uses an organic, low-water method to ensure quicker drying time of carpets, rugs and upholstery. We want to conserve as many natural resources as possible to keep our environment strong, safe and clean.

A Better Life Choice

As most people know, nothing works more naturally and effectively at cleaning and sanitizing than hot water.

Here at Flat Rate, we combine our powerful steam-cleaning, deep rinse, jet extraction methods with natural, non-toxic and bio-degradable products. The results are fantastic.

Once we finish our professional organic cleaning process, you will enjoy a fresher and cleaner green home.

For more information about our green products and environmentally friendly methods, please call us toll free 1 866-466-4576.

Join us as we make a commitment to a green lifestyle for a healthy, strong green future.

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