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Which Type of Carpet is Easiest to Clean?

It’s lovely to have carpets at home: they’re colorful, they’re bright, they’re nice and comfy to walk on, and they add both coziness and a stylish touch to your place. These days, there’s a variety of carpets available to suit every taste: carpets come in all colors, shapes, sizes and textures. So where’s the downside to getting a carpet? Well, let’s say they’re not the easiest item to clean… but nevertheless they must be cleaned often. Don’t worry, though – we’ve got lots of carpet cleaning tips for you! Next time your carpets need to get cleaning, perhaps you won’t have to look for carpet cleaning Brooklyn services right away.

Why is cleaning carpets so important?


Carpets easily accumulate dust and debris, and they tend to attract a lot of unwanted “guests”, like insects, mold and bacteria. In addition, there’s always the occasional spill of wine or ketchup on the carpet or that time when your pet accidentally peed on it. Not only do all these things cause carpets to get worn and discolored quickly, they may also present a health hazard to you and the other inhabitants of your home. That’s a fact – which any rug cleaner NYC service will corroborate with.
All this can be avoided if you clean your carpet often: quickly blot out any spots or spills with stain remover; vacuum your carpet regularly; make sure you wipe your shoes thoroughly on the doormat before you enter the house; and occasionally wash your carpet.
However, it is also important that you pick a carpet that is easy to clean to begin with; that will definitely save you a lot of work. So here is some advice on the easiest carpets to clean, gathered from carpet cleaning services in Brooklyn.

Which carpets are the easiest to clean?

The ease of cleaning carpets is mainly dependent on the material they’re made of. Here are some types of carpets which are either relatively easy to clean and/or easy to maintain looking clean (that’s not necessarily the same thing!):

1. Nylon carpets –nylon carpet

Nylon carpets have the advantages of being very durable on one hand, and easy to clean on the other hand. A pure nylon carpet is very easy to clean, plus, it has a long lifespan; however, it might cost more than other types of carpets. Another great choice, especially for families with young children and/or pets, is nylon frieze carpets. Those are among the easiest carpets to clean, and they’re perfect for high-traffic homes.

2. Wool carpets –wool carpet

Surprisingly enough, wool carpets are also considered quite easy to clean and maintain. They repel water naturally, which makes them harder to stain, and their low static electricity makes them attract less dirt than other types of carpets. Plus, their fibers don’t get worn easily because they bounce back up even after being stepped on a lot; and they tend to keep their original color for a very long time. They may be more expensive than other carpets but they have a long lifespan, too.

3. Propylene carpets –

If you’re on a budget and can’t afford a nylon or a wool carpet, the next best choice is a propylene carpet. They don’t bounce back as easily as wool carpets, and they’re not as easily cleaned as nylon carpets, however, they’re still relatively easy to clean and maintain, if you make sure to protect them and clean them regularly.

So now that we’ve laid out all the best options for you, check which one best fits your budget and other needs and go shopping for your perfect carpet. Good luck! And if you still need help with cleaning the carpets professionally, just look up “carpet cleaning Brooklyn NYC” or “carpet care carpet cleaners NYC” on the internet.

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