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Carpet Cleaning Tips

Which Type of Carpet is Easiest to Clean?

It’s lovely to have carpets at home: they’re colorful, they’re bright, they’re nice and comfy to walk on, and they add both coziness and a stylish touch to your place. These days, there’s a variety of carpets available to suit every taste: carpets come in all colors, shapes, sizes and textures. So where’s the downside to getting a carpet? Well, let’s say they’re not the easiest item to clean… but nevertheless they must be cleaned often. Don’t worry, though – we’ve got lots of carpet cleaning tips for you! Next time your carpets need to get cleaning, perhaps you won’t have to look for carpet cleaning Brooklyn services right away.

Why is cleaning carpets so important?


Carpets easily accumulate dust and debris, and they tend to attract a lot of unwanted “guests”, like insects, mold and bacteria. In addition, there’s always the occasional spill of wine or ketchup on the carpet or that time when your pet accidentally peed on it. Not only do all these things cause carpets to get worn and discolored quickly, they may also present a health hazard to you and the other inhabitants of your home. That’s a fact – which any rug cleaner NYC service will corroborate with.
All this can be avoided if you clean your carpet often: quickly blot out any spots or spills with stain remover; vacuum your carpet regularly; make sure you wipe your shoes thoroughly on the doormat before you enter the house; and occasionally wash your carpet.
However, it is also important that you pick a carpet that is easy to clean to begin with; that will definitely save you a lot of work. So here is some advice on the easiest carpets to clean, gathered from carpet cleaning services in Brooklyn.

Which carpets are the easiest to clean?

The ease of cleaning carpets is mainly dependent on the material they’re made of. Here are some types of carpets which are either relatively easy to clean and/or easy to maintain looking clean (that’s not necessarily the same thing!):

1. Nylon carpets –nylon carpet

Nylon carpets have the advantages of being very durable on one hand, and easy to clean on the other hand. A pure nylon carpet is very easy to clean, plus, it has a long lifespan; however, it might cost more than other types of carpets. Another great choice, especially for families with young children and/or pets, is nylon frieze carpets. Those are among the easiest carpets to clean, and they’re perfect for high-traffic homes.

2. Wool carpets –wool carpet

Surprisingly enough, wool carpets are also considered quite easy to clean and maintain. They repel water naturally, which makes them harder to stain, and their low static electricity makes them attract less dirt than other types of carpets. Plus, their fibers don’t get worn easily because they bounce back up even after being stepped on a lot; and they tend to keep their original color for a very long time. They may be more expensive than other carpets but they have a long lifespan, too.

3. Propylene carpets –

If you’re on a budget and can’t afford a nylon or a wool carpet, the next best choice is a propylene carpet. They don’t bounce back as easily as wool carpets, and they’re not as easily cleaned as nylon carpets, however, they’re still relatively easy to clean and maintain, if you make sure to protect them and clean them regularly.

So now that we’ve laid out all the best options for you, check which one best fits your budget and other needs and go shopping for your perfect carpet. Good luck! And if you still need help with cleaning the carpets professionally, just look up “carpet cleaning Brooklyn NYC” or “carpet care carpet cleaners NYC” on the internet.

Get your carpets clean for summer with these tips

carpet cleaning before summerIf you have carpets in your home, you may have noticed that they need better and more frequent care during the summer. While winter isn’t very kind to carpets – what with mud stains and the difficulty of airing carpets outside when it’s raining – summer can be even harsher. The kids are home all day, spilling stuff, running around and using their colors everywhere; pets are shedding their winter coats all over the place; friends and family keep visiting; and more outside activity means bringing in more sand, dust, twigs, insects and debris. In a matter of a few weeks, your carpets might look worn and dirty even if you’ve just bought them recently; and you’ll find yourself frantically looking for carpet cleaning services in Brooklyn.
To make sure your carpets stay nice and clean all summer without too much effort on your side, we’ve decided to present you with the following carpet cleaning tips. So before you look up carpet cleaning Brooklyn NY, give it a try with these methods!

Carpet Cleaning Tips Right Here:

1. Treat spills and stains immediately

With kids running around and playing everywhere, and a constant stream of guests, something is bound to get spilled on the carpet at least once. So the best strategy is to prepare for such an occurrence in advance: stock up on stain remover and clean white cloths. If your children are old enough, show them how to clean up spills for the times you’re not at home with them. For extra measure, have some packages of baby wipes ready as well – they do quite a good job in blotting out and absorbing stains!

2. Make sure shoes stay outside

(or at least the dirt on the shoes does)
Ask anyone who comes into your house to take their shoes off before they come in – and provide them with slippers if necessary. This way you’ll keep a lot of the dirt, dust, bacteria, etc. away from your carpets. For guests who for some reason can’t or won’t take their shoes off (for example, the guy who comes to fix your AC), place a mat outside the door, so they can wipe their shoes clean before they enter the house.

3. Vacuum regularlyvacuum carpet

A good way to keep carpets clean throughout summer is simply to vacuum them regularly, about once a week. This way, even if they do accumulate dirt, dust, tiny critters and bacteria, vacuuming will remove them as well as keep their fibers from getting worn. Besides the regular vacuuming, make sure you also vacuum after you’ve had a large family gathering or a dinner party. Vacuuming regularly is a tip all carpet care carpet cleaners NY will give you – and they know what they’re talking about!

4. Entertain outside

It’s summer, the sun is shining and the weather is great. Why sit with guests inside when you can all enjoy the sunny weather and summer breeze in your terrace or back yard? Being outside is also perfect for kids as there’s a smaller risk of getting stuff dirty or broken. Your guests would only have to enter the house to go to the bathroom, and you can hang up a sign which shows them the way so they don’t wander around and trample all over your carpets.

5. Wash your carpets from time to timeRug cleaning

Summertime offers the perfect opportunity to wash your carpets: the warm, dry weather makes it very easy to hang them outside to dry. Wash your carpets every few weeks (or more if necessary) and normally, they shouldn’t take more than 1-2 days to dry.
Hopefully, the next time summer comes around, you’ll be using all these tips and enjoying clean, bright carpets all summer long! However, if you do get some persistent stains that just won’t go away, don’t hesitate researching online for a good carpet cleaning service: terms like “rug cleaner NY” or “carpet cleaning Brooklyn” should do the trick.

Should you clean your carpet yourself or hire a pro?

There is no way around it: it’s time to clean your carpet. When you just bought it, it looked brand new, its colors were bright and it was so clean you could eat right off it (not that anyone would want to eat right off a carpet except your dog, perhaps – but still). A few months have passed and the carpet looks nothing like it did back then. It’s stained, it looks worn, even the colors look a little faded. Is it time to look for carpet cleaning NJ services?
Of course, there are other reasons to clean your carpet: over time carpets accumulate dust, dirt, debris, bacteria, mold, etc. You may not see those things with your naked eye, but that doesn’t mean they’re not there. Not only is it unpleasant to think what could be hiding in the tiny fibers of your carpet, it could actually become a health hazard and cause you and your family breathing problems, allergies and so on.
So your carpet definitely needs to be cleaned, the only question now is – should you clean it yourself and save the money, or should you really look up “rug cleaner NJ” on the internet, have it cleaned by professional carpet cleaners and save the hassle? It turns out that each of these options has its pros and cons. Before you decide, it would be wise to educate yourselves about them so you can make an informed decision.

DIY carpet cleaning: is it worth it?

Nowadays, it is actually possible to buy or rent high-quality carpet cleaning machines you can use for cleaning your carpet. Buying or renting such a machine is typically cheaper than getting your carpet professionally cleaned; so are commercial carpet cleaning products. Cleaning your carpet yourself also means that you’ll have control over the work being done and your schedule – you won’t have to schedule the cleaners for an inconvenient time or negotiate with them over which carpeted areas they’ll be cleaning.
However, the time and money you save have their costs too. DIY carpet cleaning machines are usually less powerful than the professional ones used by carpet cleaning services NJ, and don’t go as deep: you simply won’t get the same result. The cleaning products sold in supermarkets may be cheap, but they’re not as effective as professional products. Also the time you save in managing the project yourself would go into actually doing it yourself: moving around furniture, using the machine on all the carpeted areas, waiting for them to dry, and so on.

Should you just go pro?

The main downside of professional carpet cleaning is the price – it isn’t cheap. Other downsides are having to schedule it in advance and preparing the house accordingly. But if you think about the results, perhaps you won’t mind putting in the time and preparations: the cleaning will be carried out by professional carpet cleaning NJ experts who have lots of experience, using powerful equipment, professional products and effective methods. This will result in deeper cleaning of your carpets and longer-lasting results. Plus, it would give your carpet a longer life. So you should think of the higher cost as an investment: expensive in the short run, but money-saving in the long run.

Where Do Carpet Beetles Come From?

Your home or your office is covered in beautiful carpets you purchased some years ago, and up until recently you’ve had no problems with them whatsoever; they’ve created a pleasant atmosphere and added color and life to the surroundings. That’s why you were so devastated to discover one day that the carpets are teeming with nasty little bugs! How horrible. This kind of situation can really be upsetting, but don’t throw out the carpets just yet – carpet beetles can be removed by pest control professionals; and there are ways to keep them at bay so this doesn’t happen to you again. But before we dive into the solutions that can be used to treat a carpet beetle situation, let’s first learn all about those tiny creatures.

carpet beetle

What are carpet beetles?

Carpet beetles (Anthrenus verbasci) are a common species of beetles which can often be found as pests in domestic houses: the beetles’ larvae can cause damage not only to carpets, but also to clothing and furniture. Carpet beetles have round bodies, parts of which are covered in scales, and their color is an irregular pattern of yellow, brown and white patches.

How big are carpet beetles?

Carpet beetles are 1.7 to 3.5 millimeters long. Surprisingly, the larvae are bigger than adult beetles: the wooly, elongated larvae are 4 to 5 millimeters long.

Where do carpet beetles come from?

Carpet beetles are very common and they live in a variety of environments – not just carpets! However, they prefer areas with low humidity as their eggs develop best in dry areas. They can found in most of Europe, in North Africa, in the Mediterranean countries and the Middle East, in North Asia (Russia, China, etc.), and in North and Central America. So as you can see, they’re pretty much everywhere. They can easily enter your home through openings such as doors and windows, or on plants and flowers that are brought inside.

What causes carpet beetles?

To understand what causes carpet beetles, you must first understand what attracts carpet beetles. The secret lies in their food preferences. These beetles like to eat animal-based items, such as wool, fur, leather, animal hair and silk. Understandably, this attracts them to upholstered furniture, clothing, blankets and of course – carpets. But why are carpet beetles also found in synthetic carpets, which are not made of animal materials? Well, synthetic carpets (like other carpets) often absorb food, oil, perspiration and other organic materials from their surroundings.

If you’re wondering now, “But where do carpet beetles hide?” – they’re not necessarily hiding, they’re simply so small, and their carpet habitat is so good in hiding them, that sometimes it’s difficult to spot them until they’ve become numerous.

What kills carpet beetles?

You obviously don’t want your home to be infested with carpet beetles and their larvae, so what’s the best way to get rid of them? Well, it depends on the situation. If you haven’t seen carpet beetles at your home at all but you want to keep them away, there are some things you can do: regularly vacuum your furniture, carpets and areas where food is stored such as the pantry; store all your food either in plastic containers or in the fridge; dust your home thoroughly on a regular basis; and check for pests and insects on plants and flowers before bringing them inside your house.

However, if you already have carpet beetles in your home, your best option is to contact pest control professionals. After they’ve eliminated the beetles, be sure to follow the procedures in the previous paragraph so they don’t come back. Good luck!



How to clean carpet on stairs

 Stairs before and after

Wall-to-wall carpets have been popular for a long time, and there are quite a few reasons for that. In cold countries, carpeting helps to keep the house warm and insulate it from the outside weather. For households with children, wall-to-wall carpets prevent slipping on the floor and stairs, as well cushion the fall if such a slip does happen. Carpeting also has an acoustic advantage: it muffles noises and sounds within the house. Last but not least, carpeting can be a major factor in the house’s design: not only can it contribute color and texture and create the desired atmosphere – it can also be used to hide an unsightly floor or one that has damages and inconsistencies.

Cleaning carpeted stairs – is it really a hassle?

how to clean carpet on stairs


Houses with more than one floor which have wall-to-wall carpets will usually also feature carpeting on the stairs. While that can look very nice, as well as prevent slipping on the stairs, carpeted stairs also pose problems. Regular stairs are difficult enough to clean, so how does one clean carpeted stairs properly? As it turns out, it isn’t as difficult as you might think. If you’ve always asked yourselves how to keep carpeted stairs clean, how to steam clean carpet stairs, how to clean stains off carpet when the carpet is attached to the stairs and so on – you might want to read the following tips.

Ways to clean carpeted stairs

steam stairs Cleaning

Here are some ways you can clean your carpeted stairs. As you’ll see, some of them are recommended day-to-day quick maintenance tips, while others address situations in which the stairs must be cleaned thoroughly. Generally, it is advised to use a mix of the following methods for optimal results.

Ready to get your carpeted stairs sleek and bright?

  • Use a stiff broom/brush to remove dust and debris – We all know stairs don’t usually get dirty all at once; they accumulate dust and stains over time, until their once bright color and strong fibers turn into something that looks like a faded rag. A simple trick that will help prevent most of that is regularly cleaning your stairs using a stiff broom or brush. To achieve maximum effect, sweep/brush the stairs from top to bottom, so that all the dust and particles from a pile on the bottom floor, where you can pick them up with a dustpan.


  • Clean individual stains by using carpet shampoo and a cloth – If you’ve been wondering how to clean carpet on stairs by hand if it gets stained, there’s an easy way to do that. Get a good carpet shampoo, and mix it with water. Then, use a brush to apply the mixture to the stain and work it in vigorously. At this point, use a cloth or a towel to blot out the water and shampoo. After drying, the stain will be gone.


  • For serious cleaning use a vacuum – Cleaning the carpet lightly on a regular basis is great, but from time to time it’s also necessary to clean it thoroughly. On these occasions, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner. The most effective vacuum for carpeted stairs is a lightweight vacuum (one that has a long cord) or a vacuum which is powered by batteries; this way you can move it around easily and not risk it falling over (or you fall over). First use a brush attachment for vigorous scrubbing, then use a hose attachment to suck up all the dust (as well as mold, bacteria, tiny bugs etc.) that is deeply entrenched within the fibers.


  • Use a steam cleaner for heavy-duty cleaning – a step beyond the vacuum is using a steam cleaner. You can get one at a hardware store or a home improvement store. Steam cleaners have many functions, such as pet hair collection, stain removal and extraction of embedded dirt, so they can be used to clean carpet stairs extremely thoroughly.

To sum it all up, you now have several handy methods of keeping your carpeted stairs clean. But if you don’t wish to bother with any of that, just ring up a professional carpet cleaners NYC company to do the work for you!