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Dusting – The Missing Step

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Area rug cleaning is not a job for everyone. Sure, many companies say they can do it and promise great results, but the right knowledge of rug care is only acquired with a lot of hard work, years of dealing with all types of rugs imaginable and perfecting the rug cleaning process to the letter. […]

Decorating Your House With Area Rugs

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There are many ways to prepare your home for the winter. We trade in tank tops for sweaters, and brink out warmer blankets, but what about the floor? No one wants to wake up in the morning and have their feet frozen! Keep your feet cozy and warm this winter with an area rug. Area […]

Is Your Rug Antique?

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Area rugs fall into many different categories, most of which refer to where the rug was woven. A Persian rug comes from Iran, whereas an Oriental rug categorizes any rug from the East. No matter where in the world your rug was made, antique rugs are a special category. Antique rugs are area rugs that […]

Quick House Cleaning Strategies

We give some motivating pointers for a quick, satisfying house cleaning methods. Clean and tidy your home in no time.

Amanda’s Post Summer Clean Up

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Thanks to the amazing talent of one of our lovely colleagues, we have some excellent artwork to share with you. Please join us as we tell you epic carpet cleaning, stain removal and even water damage tales. We start our series with the story of Amanda.