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Rug Cleaning

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Protect Your Precious Pieces

Leave your area rug cleaning to the experts at Flat Rate Carpet where we care for them all: Oriental Rugs, Wool, Silk, Synthetic, Traditional, Persian, Indian, Turkish, Tibetan, Flokati, Handmade, Machine-made, Natural dye, chenille, cotton, braided, shag, natural fiber, silk blend, hand-knotted and more.

Flat Rate Carpet prides itself on a long and respected tradition of excellence. Our knowledgeable experts use gentle, proven methods of area rug cleaning. 

We Dig Deep Into the Foundation

Our cleaning is not just on the outside of the rug we dig deep and remove all hidden dirt from the rug foundation and other areas, so it could maintain its structure and strength for many years to come. 

All Styles, All Origins

Whether you have a fine hand-woven, antique Persian, or a funky contemporary shag, you want your work of art cleaned or repaired thoughtfully and carefully.

Our experts know that natural fibers such as wool and cotton require different care than nylon or polyblends. You can trust our experts to treat your area rug with the attention and detail it deserves.

Eventually, even the best-kept rugs begin to show signs of everyday wear and tear. However, with our superior care and attention to cleaning and preservation we ensure that your rug looks it's best for as long as possible.

Rug Cleaning Experts - Right Rug, Right Method

Our experts determine the appropriate cleaning process for your rug based on its individual characteristics including its origin, type, and material (Wool, Silk, and more). Once we have finished the cleaning process don't forget to ask about our Scotchgard Rug Protection

You can trust us with all of your rug cleaning needs in New York, NYC, Long Island, Westchester, New Jersey & Connecticut.


Oriental Rug Cleaning - Rinsing and Squeezing


Rug cleaning - how to get it right

Rugs are a great addition to any home – they add color, warmth, and style and can make even the most humble surroundings appear more cozy and welcoming. While rugs have many advantages, one thing about them that most people consider as a disadvantage is the work it takes keeping them clean, dust-free and looking as good as new. Rugs have a tendency to attract dust, mold, and debris, and unlike smooth surfaces like floors or kitchen counters, any spills or stains are quickly absorbed, which often means that wiping them isn't sufficient.

Of course, this does not mean you shouldn't buy that rug that you've dreaming of for ages! In fact, keeping rugs clean is actually not difficult at all, if you use the right methods and periodically get them professionally cleaning by a rug cleaning service.

So here are some useful rug cleaning tips that are so simple anyone can follow them. You won't believe how easy rug maintenance can be!

1. Vacuum!

Rugs tend to accumulate dust, particles, and debris. Not only does that make them look faded and discolored over time, but it can also scratch and tear their fibers. Plus, a dusty rug (which often also turns into a moldy rug) can become a health hazard, and cause various breathing and skin conditions. Doesn't sound very good, does it? But this problem has a very easy solution: vacuuming! Vacuuming your rug regularly (once a week – but more than that if you have pets) will prevent dust buildup, keep the rug nice and shiny, and make it easier to remove stains and spots.

2. Blot those spills

When something spills on the carpet – whether it's wine, soup or dog pee – the immediate action to take is to blot the spill with a paper towel, white cloth or a towel. Be careful not to rub – just blot! Blotting prevents the stain from spreading and makes it much easier and quicker to clean afterward.

3. Make good use of rug shampoo

Rug shampoo, a cleaning product designed especially for rugs, can work magic on your rug. Before you use it, don't forget to check the tag on your rug which indicates what cleaning products you can use on it, and make sure the shampoo fits those specifications. Work according to the instructions on the shampoo. Usually, you'll have to mix it with water and dilute it before you use it. To clean the stain, pour some drops of the solution on it (don't flood the rug), then rub it in vigorously with an appropriate brush. After the rug has dried, vacuum it.

4. For food or pet-related stains, use an organic product

Food stains and pet accidents hardly ever require a heavy-duty detergent. An eco-friendly or organic rug cleaning product is quite enough and also keeps your carpet healthy and clean. Spray the stain with the product, and then wipe it with a towel cloth.

5. For tough stains or delicate rugs – contact a rug cleaning service

The tips above should help you keep your rug clean and shiny, however, in cases stains can't be removed by the usual methods, or the carpet is very old and/or fragile, it's best to call up a rug cleaning service. Rug cleaning NYC services and rug cleaning Brooklyn services can be easily found online. Don't forget to check for Flat Rate Carpet ratings and reviews, and get a quote from several services before you make your final decision.

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Area Rug Pet Stain Removal

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Rug Cleaning - Before & After


In Lawrence, Mercer NJ, 9/17/2013Done By: Mac

This was a beautiful example of a area rug bind to fit almost an entire room. Since it was located in the games room, it accumulated many stains. Applying our cleaning process, we were able to get it clean again.


In Upper West Side, Manhattan NY, 7/23/2013Done By: Thomas

Emergency service for a customer that spilled wine on his fine area rug. We came to the rescue, and saved the day for his evening party.


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