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Decorating Your House With Area Rugs

Area Rugs | Flat Rate Carpet Blog

There are many ways to prepare your home for the winter. We trade in tank tops for sweaters, and brink out warmer blankets, but what about the floor? No one wants to wake up in the morning and have their feet frozen! Keep your feet cozy and warm this winter with an area rug. Area […]

Is Your Rug Antique?

Antique Rugs | Flat Rate Carpet Blog

Area rugs fall into many different categories, most of which refer to where the rug was woven. A Persian rug comes from Iran, whereas an Oriental rug categorizes any rug from the East. No matter where in the world your rug was made, antique rugs are a special category. Antique rugs are area rugs that […]

How to Remove a Coffee Stain

Coffee and Cookies | Flat Rate Carpet Blog

No matter how careful you are, the only way to prevent a coffee spill in your home is to avoid drinking coffee. For the rest of us, coffee stains are inevitable. Knowing how to remove a coffee stain from fabric right away can keep a minor spill from becoming a major disaster. Your first step […]

Decorate Environmentally With Bamboo Rugs

Enjoy the warmth, comfort and style of environmentally friendly BAMBOO rugs.

How do I recognize a moth infestation?

Moths can be a real trouble, especially if they are not discovered early on as they can make a lot of damage. Female moths lay hundreds of tiny eggs each, and the eggs hatch into larvae that consume wool, fur, feather, silk and other fibers. Moths and their larvae thrive in dark, undisturbed areas such […]