Sharing is Caring, Especially When It Comes to Cleaning

How do I recognize a moth infestation?

Moths can be a real trouble, especially if they are not discovered early on as they can make a lot of damage. Female moths lay hundreds of tiny eggs each, and the eggs hatch into larvae that consume wool, fur, feather, silk and other fibers. Moths and their larvae thrive in dark, undisturbed areas such as cupboards dark corners and under furniture, where a rug gets little traffic and is not often vacuumed.

Moth larva leaves a cobweb-like veil in the area of the damage, along with fine, sand-like debris. Sign to look out for:

  • Adult flying moths
  • Bare spots in the carpet pile, as larva might prefer a certain fiber or color, a carpet will show “bald patches” when infested with larva
  • Webs – White webs on the carpet may be found in serious cases of moth infestation
  • Cocoons – they are very hard to spot, but they are a sure sign of moth trouble
  • Larva in the pile
  • Sand like debris, left over by the larva
  • Broken pile

If any of these signs appear call a cleaning service immediately!

Some simple hand repairs…

Are the fringes on your rug looking neglected?
Are they starting to wear out, or have they become torn or ripped?

Well, depending on your budget, and what kind of look you want to achieve, there are solutions.

Here at Flatrate Carpet, we offer a great serging service.
Serging the edges of your rug can make it look “neat” again and is a cost-effective way of giving it a whole new look.
And iff your rug is thin, or flat and woven, there is also the option of binding.

This is an excellent way of counteracting damage.  Binding is a ¼ inch synthetic ribbon that we will sew onto the edge of the rug, transforming its whole look. It’s really worth investing in your rug, with these simple hand repairs.  Not only will you extend its lifespan considerably, but you’ll be saving yourself money in the long run.

Call us now for a no-obligation quote.