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Removing Blood Stains from a Sofa

Before Sofa Cleaning

  People don’t tend to think about cleaning blood from our sofas until they face this scene. It usually comes as a side-effect of another stressful situation: an accident at home, a medical condition (nosebleeds are very common among children) or a female dog in heat. With more important things on your mind, it’s quite […]

How to Remove a Coffee Stain

Coffee and Cookies | Flat Rate Carpet Blog

No matter how careful you are, the only way to prevent a coffee spill in your home is to avoid drinking coffee. For the rest of us, coffee stains are inevitable. Knowing how to remove a coffee stain from fabric right away can keep a minor spill from becoming a major disaster. Your first step […]

How to Get Sticky Stains Off Your Sofa

Remove gum, candy and other sticky messes quickly and easily with a cheap, all-natural method.

How to Remove Nail Polish from Upholstery

If you are a female or live with a female, it’s likely that, at some point, you have encountered the nail polish dilemma. The dilemma that steams from the sometimes unavoidable spill or spot that drips onto carpets, rugs and upholstery during at-home, DIY mani/pedi treatments. But have no fear, we’re here to help. Follow […]