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How to Remove Nail Polish from Upholstery

If you are a female or live with a female, it’s likely that, at some point, you have encountered the nail polish dilemma. The dilemma that steams from the sometimes unavoidable spill or spot that drips onto carpets, rugs and upholstery during at-home, DIY mani/pedi treatments.

But have no fear, we’re here to help. Follow these insider tips and remove nail polish from your upholstery easily.

First, start by quickly blotting up all the excess polish. Be careful not to rub because it will cause the stain to spread. Using an eye dropper, apply a few small drops of acetone to the polish stain. Blot the stain immediately. Repeat this step until the entire stain has been lifted out of the upholstery.

If the stain remains in your upholstery, apply a few drops of hydrogen peroxide, from an eye dropper, directly to the stain.

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