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How to Get Sticky Stains Off Your Sofa

Finding gum, candy and other sticky substances on your sofa doesn’t mean that your furniture is ruined. Knowing the right way to remove sticky stains will help you restore your upholstery, without expensive cleaners.

Cleaning sticky things like gum, candy and chocolate all starts with a common household item: ice. Just rub an ice cube over the stain until it becomes hard. Next, use a blunt edge tool like a butter knife to chip the gum or candy off the fabric. Be gentle on the fabric, scraping too hard will rub in the stain and could scratch your sofa as well.

Before using any upholstery cleaner, be sure to test it on a part of the sofa that’s not visible. If the cleaner is safe for your sofa, go ahead and apply a small amount of cleaner to the area with a clean, white rag. Gently blot up the cleaner with a dry, clean, white rag. Continue this process of applying and removing cleaner until all the gum is gone.

Next time you find a sticky mess on your sofa, don’t despair. Cleaning up is super easy when you know what to do.

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