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Fixing a Worn Oriental Area Rug

The Rug - Before

The world of rug repair and restoration is full of challenges, as different rugs age differently and come to our doorstep with a variety of issues. This unique oval circa 1940 Art Deco rug originates in China  and was designed with bubble gum color combinations. It is made of wool and has arrived to the […]

Is Your Rug Antique?

Antique Rugs | Flat Rate Carpet Blog

Area rugs fall into many different categories, most of which refer to where the rug was woven. A Persian rug comes from Iran, whereas an Oriental rug categorizes any rug from the East. No matter where in the world your rug was made, antique rugs are a special category. Antique rugs are area rugs that […]

The Origins of Natural Dyes

Ever wonder where that beautiful red in your rug comes from? Learn the secrets behind naturally beautiful colors.

The Mystery of the Persian Carpet

Fancy being a sleuth for an hour or two? Well now you can, with the “Sherlock Holmes: Mystery of the Persian Carpet” internet game. Picture the following: The year is 1896, and you’re at home in your flat in Baker Street, London when you get a call from Scotland Yard. You and your partner, Watson, […]