Sharing is Caring, Especially When It Comes to Cleaning

Amy Winehouse and Clean Living

It’s been about a week since the death of British jazz singer Amy Winehouse hit newsstands and social networking sites. While reporters, police and fans attempt to find the cause, I think that international interest keeps neglecting an important fact. Her death is about clean living.

Winehouse was a woman struggling with a serious illness, like several other millions of people in the world. Winehouse suffered from substance addiction. And, instead of educating the public about the reality of substance addiction, we subconsciously teach all generations to view addicts as dangers to social order or romanticized visions of fame. Yes, Winehouse, joined the 27 Club but that’s not important. She was unable to successfully live a clean life—a life without excessive amounts of drugs and alcohol.

For some people, clean living means having your house professional cleaned. But for others, clean living is truly a life or death decision.

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