Sharing is Caring, Especially When It Comes to Cleaning

Roll it out…

It’s the world’s famous red carpet, and it’s about to be rolled out for the 83rd time.  Yes, on February 27th, glitz and glamour come to Hollywood, when the Academy Awards (better known as the Oscars) are announced.  It’s the most talked about night of the year, in Los Angeles, for sure.  The celebs, the fashion, the pre-Oscar parties and the billion viewers who tune in on TV all make for big hype.

But the first Oscars, held in 1953, were much less of an affair.  Broadcast on black and white TV, only viewers in the US and Canada could watch.  Unlike today, where thousands of stars walk the red carpet, all the way to the Academy’s auditorium, the first Oscar ceremony was held at the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel, with only 250 people in attendance.  It was dreamed up, originally, as a non-public affair, to promote the art of movie-making.  But by 1929, there was so much interest that the Oscar Presentation Night was introduced.

And unlike today, it wasn’t some star-studded event.  The attendees paid only $5 each for the night’s entertainment, and the ballrooms were decorated with Chinese lanterns.  There were no acceptance speeches, no TV cameras and almost no mention of it in the newspapers.   Actually, the entire award ceremony, carried out by Douglas Fairbanks, only lasted 15 minutes!

And was there a red carpet?  No-one’s even sure…

Why use dryer balls?

It might sound like a stupid idea, but switching over to dryer balls won’t just save you time and money, but they’ll also help protect the environment.

Dryer balls are made out of yarn and can be either homemade or bought for very little money. There are so many advantages to them.  They get rid of pet hair and lint.  They reduce static and wrinkles on your clothes.  They make the use of dryer sheets unnecessary.

As a result you don’t have to worry about skin rashes or allergic reactions, which can often be provoked from the harsh chemicals these dryer sheets leave behind.  They’re great for the planet, so you can feel good about making your home living space greener.

And, finally, they’ll save you money too.  Whether you make them yourself or invest in a few, you’ll notice the cost difference!  So put a few in your tumble dryer on your next wash and give yourself a pleasant surprise!

Get your home ready for winter – Part I

The last rays of summer are gone, leaves are changing color with us and winter is quickly approaching. And if you’re living in a cold area, or a Snowbelt, it makes good sense to be prepared before the worst of the weather sets in. So when getting your home ready for winter, think about the following:

  • Bleed your radiators – open them slightly and when you see water, close them again
  • Get your fireplace ready – sweep the chimney and buy firewood (or chop it yourself)
  • Look for cracks and exposed entry points around your pipes – sealing them is essential if you want to avoid flooding.
  • Move your sensitive potted plants out of the garden, into a warm and dry part of your home
  • Make sure you attic is properly insulated – this will prevent warm air from rising and causing ice damns.