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Rug Storage

Need to store your rug?

Most home storage conditions simply are not designed to store your rug at optimum condition. Many people choose to store their rugs in attics or basements, but with their extreme and uncontrolled temperatures and humidity, you could be doing untold damage to your rug.

Rugs stored in closets can also suffer from problems with temperature and humidity, and can become magnets for moths, dust mites and other bugs. 

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Optimum rug storage - close to home

When you choose to store your rug with Flat Rate Carpet’s storage facility you are guaranteed optimum storage conditions, close to your home in New York, NYC & New Jersey. Our storage facilities are temperature controlled, humidity controlled and staffed by professionals in rug cleaning and rug care.

We will clean your rug to the highest possible standard before storing it, including pre-dusting, cleaning and drying your rug before storage, to make sure your rug is dust, mold and bug free. After cleaning your rug will be rolled in plastic to keep it in optimum condition, and looking great.

Peace of Mind

Our storage facility is manned by professional rug cleaners and offers full insurance, so you can have peace of mind that your precious rug will be returned to you in even better condition that before. 

Speak to us today for a free estimate for cleaning and storing your rug in our specialized New York facility. 

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