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Watch out for Water Damage

The East Coast has recently seen some of the worst blizzards in years, with snow falling so fast on New York’s streets that daily life, for a while, almost ground to a standstill.  But not being able to get around town isn’t the only problem our clients are facing – bitterly cold temperatures have meant that an increasing number of water pipes are freezing over.  As a result, they’re cracking, but the damage isn’t often noticeable until they begin to thaw.

When large amounts of water flood out of the pipe, they’re going to look for the “path of least resistance” which is often your own front door area!  And if that water freezes again, you’re looking at an ice problem, which means getting to your sidewalk won’t be just tricky but downright dangerous.

Leaks from pipes can also flood basements, cause roof damage and soak your carpets and, before you know it, you’ll have a mold or mildew problem on your hand, which isn’t just unpleasant but a health hazard.

Flat Rate Carpet has experienced technicians at the ready, armed with the most up-to-date drying equipment, designed to deal with all kinds of water damage.  Dealing with the problem yourself is tough, so take the load off your mind and give us a call.  We’ll be with you in no time, and are ready to deal with any kind of emergency!

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