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The mose expensive carpet in the world!

A few weeks ago someone asked me  what the most expensive rug in the world was.

I wasn’t sure, so I started researching the subject.  Although there are all different claims, there seems to be a general agreement that a rare mid-17th century Persian carpet sold by Christie’s Account House to an anonymous buyer is the record holder. It was sold for the amazing sum of £6.2 million.
Christie’s said the quality of the rug reflected the great talent of the weavers of the Iranian city of Kirman – “arguably the most inventive and influential of all carpet designers”. The Kirman ‘Vase’ Carpet measures 11ft 1in by 5ft. (seems small for that price don’t you think?).

The Kirman ‘Vase’ Carpet is the most expensive carpet in the world, beating the previous world best of $5.5 million (£3.6 million) set by the famed Pearl Carpet of Baroda.  It’s silk, Persian and 400-500 years old, but does it really tie the room together ?

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