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How to Remove Coffee Stains

Coffee Stain | Flat Rate Carpet BlogIt doesn’t matter how careful you are, at one point in time we all wind up with a big coffee stain. Whether you’ve spilled coffee all over a new shirt on the way to work, or on a nice new table cloth, we have the tricks you need to remove coffee stains.

As quickly as you can, try to blot up any coffee with a clean paper towel. Gently blot the area with a clean piece of towel each time until no more coffee is coming up. Remember never to rub the area or you’ll wind up helping the stain to spread further.

Next, make your own stain remover by mixing distilled white vinegar, cold water and a bit of powdered laundry detergent. Mix all three until it makes a little paste, the same consistency as toothpaste. Gently spread the paste on both sides of the fabric and let it sit for about five minutes.

Using a toothbrush or other gentle brush, scrub both sides of the fabric with simple, circular motions, and then rinse with cold water.

Pretreat the area with a dab of liquid laundry detergent before laundering regularly.

As with any stain treatment, make sure that you test the stain remover on a small, inconspicuous, area of the fabric to make sure that it doesn’t discolor the fabric.

Remember to treat stains as quickly as possible to ensure that the stain comes out completely.

Don’t let a little coffee spill ruin your fabrics ever again with this easy coffee stain remover.

Summer Laundry Tips

Laundry | Flat Rate Carpet BlogSummer is a busy time of the year, and all that activity leaves your laundry pile loaded with strange new stains. Don’t spend your summer scrubbing grass stains, remove summer’s most annoying stains with these simple stain removers.

Grass and other plant stains respond well to pretreating. Use a special prewash spray, or just dab on some detergent and let it sit on the stain for a few minutes before washing. Treat any remaining stain with rubbing alcohol, and wash in the hottest water possible.

No barbecue would be complete without a large blob of ketchup or barbecue sauce landing on someone’s outfit. Scrap (not wipe!) off any remaining sauce before letting the item soak in cold water for about half an hour. Pretreat the stain, and then wash with warm water. For fabrics that are 100% cotton you can treat the area with undiluted white vinegar.

When melted ice cream lands in your lap, soak the fabric in cold water until the stain is gone. Wash the clothing in warm water, and if anything is left over use a stain stick to treat the area before washing again.

If you have a super messy family, make sure to always pack a stain stick in your bag. Pretreating a stain is the best way to keep it from sticking around. Don’t let a few stains ruin your summer fun!

How to Remove a Coffee Stain

Coffee & Cookies | Flat Rate Carpet Blog

No matter how careful you are, the only way to prevent a coffee spill in your home is to avoid drinking coffee.

For the rest of us, coffee stains are inevitable. Knowing how to remove a coffee stain from fabric right away can keep a minor spill from becoming a major disaster.

Your first step is to, very gently, blot the stain with a white towel to soak up any leftover liquid.

Although the cleaning isles are full of stain removers and spray cleaners, the most important stain remover in your home is usually found in the food isle. White vinegar mixed with a some white water (mixture of 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water), is a safe, effective and inexpensive stain remover.

You can spray the mixture onto the stain and gently blot with a clean towel. If you don’t have an extra spray bottle handy, dampen a towel with the mixture and blot the stain.

If the stain is treated quickly enough, it should come up easily. For older stains, or stains that just won’t come out, call the professionals.

Holy Summer Hurricanes, East Coast

Since the outbreak of Hurricane Irene, we have been working tirelessly to help people clear the water from their homes. Our phones are ringing off the hook, all day, with people desperate for flood relief and water damage services. We continue to work our hardest to create a safe, stable and clean living environment for all East Coasters affected by the hurricane. We’re like Batman whooping into save the distressed New York victims of Irene.

As Hurricane Irene continues to cause damages, problems and stress throughout the east coast, we remind you to stay safe because we’re not out of the weeds yet.

As electricity starts coming back in homes and offices, remember to stay clear of rooms with any level of standing water present. Beware of electrocution in your damaged home. Loose power lines and water create fatal environments for humans and animals.

Also remember to always call professionals for help with removal and clean up. There is a reason we are professionals. We have experience with clean up and disaster relief.  We’re here and happy to help.