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How to Keep Sand Out of Your House

Beach Sandals | Flat Rate Carpet Blog

Nothing is more refreshing than a weekend at the beach, but nothing is more annoying that having sand all over your home. Follow these few simple tricks and you won’t worry about bringing the beach home with you ever again. Do your best to leave as much sand at the beach as possible. If you […]

How to Clean a Cutting Board

Keep your cutting boards clean and healthy with a simple household product.

Summer Laundry Tips

Laundry | Flat Rate Carpet Blog

Summer is a busy time of the year, and all that activity leaves your laundry pile loaded with strange new stains. Don’t spend your summer scrubbing grass stains, remove summer’s most annoying stains with these simple stain removers. Grass and other plant stains respond well to pretreating. Use a special prewash spray, or just dab […]

How To Get Mildew Out of Clothes

Refresh your stored summer clothes with some simple, easy tips.

How to Disinfect Toys

Ditch the bleach and use all natural ways to disinfect your kids toys.