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Fun Facts for Labor Day

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Labor Day is celebrated every year on the first Monday of September. We usually think of Labor Day as one last excuse to throw a huge barbecue before fall weather takes over, but it’s much more than that. Labor Day has been an official American holiday since 1894. The Labor Movement, which started the holiday, […]

How to Rid Your Laundry of Body Odor

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During the summer it’s hard to stay smelling fresh and clean all day long, but if your clothes smell of body odor before you put them on you won’t stand a chance of making it through the day. Getting stubborn body odor smells out of your laundry is easy, and with a few simple steps […]

How to Keep Sand Out of Your House

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Nothing is more refreshing than a weekend at the beach, but nothing is more annoying that having sand all over your home. Follow these few simple tricks and you won’t worry about bringing the beach home with you ever again. Do your best to leave as much sand at the beach as possible. If you […]

Save your Carpets from Summer

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Summer is a fun time for lots of outdoor activities, but all that outdoor fun can be hard on your indoor carpets. Follow a few simple rules this summer and keep your carpets as good as new. It’s great when the kids are outdoors playing, but when they come inside you’ll wind up with dirty […]

How to Clean a Cutting Board

Keep your cutting boards clean and healthy with a simple household product.