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How to Keep Sand Out of Your House

Beach Sandals | Flat Rate Carpet BlogNothing is more refreshing than a weekend at the beach, but nothing is more annoying that having sand all over your home. Follow these few simple tricks and you won’t worry about bringing the beach home with you ever again.

Do your best to leave as much sand at the beach as possible. If you don’t bring it into the car, then it won’t make it back to your house. Make sure that you shake out all towels and beach clothing before heading home.

Invest in a small brush, like a paint brush, and brush off any beach toys before packing them away. Keep a dedicated bag for beach toys, and make sure you leave it in the garage or in an entryway closet.

Simply wiping sand off the body doesn’t work very well, especially on men. Instead use cornstarch or talcum powder. Rub the powder on your arms, legs, and um, other beachy areas, and watch how easily the sand slips right off.

Taking the extra time to clean up sand before you get into the home, will save you a summer of cleaning sand from every corner of the house.

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