Sharing is Caring, Especially When It Comes to Cleaning

Make Your Own Green Cleaners

Many of us would like to make the switch to a totally green and organic home, but are limited by the high cost of green cleaning products. By making your own green cleaning products, it’s easy to keep your house spotless and free of chemicals. All you need are these five simple household items to […]

Move Over White Vinegar

Move over white vinegar, a new sheriff is on the organic cleaning scene.

How to Remove Coffee Stains

Coffee Stain | Flat Rate Carpet Blog

It doesn’t matter how careful you are, at one point in time we all wind up with a big coffee stain. Whether you’ve spilled coffee all over a new shirt on the way to work, or on a nice new table cloth, we have the tricks you need to remove coffee stains. As quickly as […]

How to Clean an Iron

Iron | Flat Rate Carpet Blog

So you’ve finally finished the laundry, the sorting, the folding, the putting clothes away, and now all you have left to do is iron a few shirts and you’re done. You run the iron over a nice shirt and you see a dirty smudge appear! Of all the things we clean in our house, the […]

How to Remove Indentations on Your Carpet

Carpet Indent | Flat Rate Carpet Blog

So you finally went and replaced that old coffee table, but now you have indentations in your carpet where the old one stood for so many years. Getting new furniture is fun, but not when the dents in your carpet won’t go away. Removing furniture dents from carpets is super easy, just follow these quick […]