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Wool Rug Cleaning and Repair

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Local Wool rug cleaning, repair and restoration services

Soft and warm, Wool rugs are both stunning and durable, a natural fiber that is used in rugs from Persian to Navajo to Tribal, glowing with gorgeous colors. It demands special care to last and when treated well, it ages beautifully and can make it a lasting design heirloom for your family.

Treated Gently, Naturally

We provide expert wool rug care and treatment in NY & NJ. Because of the unique nature of wool, our process with wool rugs is gentle and meticulous. Each rug is handled with specific attention to the fibers and structure - whether dyed or natural, woven or hooked. 

A wool wall hanging must also be cared for, in order for it to stay vibrant.

Knowing wool's individual needs, along with our desire to safeguard your home from harsh chemicals, only wholly organic products will be used. We guarantee a return of your renewed and beautifully clean wool rug. 

Trust Our Expert Hands with your Precious Wool

At Flat Rate Carpet, we offer a unique, expert-level wool rug cleaning New York service. We treat your wool textile with the care, attention and respect it deserves. We hire only wool experts to work with and clean your fine wool rug.

Wool rugs feature beautiful artistry from skilled weavers and trained craftsman. The wool fiber allows for not only beautiful designs but also, provides a comfortable, warm feel for the home.

As natural animal hair, wool requires special attention during the cleaning process. At Flat Rate Carpet, we take care not to disturb the natural texture, look, and quality of your wool rug.

Wool: Beautiful Look, Feel from Unique Natural Qualities

Wool exudes truly unique qualities that make it perfect for a durable, comfortable and beautiful rug as well as an interesting cleaning challenge.

The exterior fiber of wool actually repels while its interior fibers absorb water. This makes it difficult to clean wool rugs completely and correctly.

Comprehensive Wool Rug Cleaning Process for Best Results

At Flat Rate Carpet, our rug cleaning New York service starts with an initial examination of all the whole rug. This helps our cleaning experts perform the best cleaning method for your rug.

At our off-site cleaning facility, we bathe your rug in a carefully mixed pool of conditioning minerals that penetrate all wool fibers. We then clean the backing and front separately using all-natural, non-toxic green cleaning products.

After this, we completely rinse the rug using clean water. During this step, we take extra care to maintain a PH level below 7 to prevent the growth of mildew.

We then hang your wool rug up to dry in our specialized temperature and humidity controlled dry room.

Luxurious Clean from Local Experts

When we return your wool rug, you will love the beautifully clean and cozy feel. Trust only the wool rug cleaning New York team at Flat Rate Carpet with your fine rug cleaning needs. Call us today to book a free, at-home estimate appointment.

Expert Wool rug repair

Wool rugs, while formed to be strong and lasting are natural fibers, and daily traffic or even heavy furniture legs can cause changes. Acids from pet urine can affect the colors, and moth infestations in the home create larvae that might eat fibers, causing holes that can lead to deterioration, and larger tears.

  • Hole, fringe and binding repair

Repairing a hole in a rug is an art in itself.  Some examples of repairs: The foundation is delicately rewoven and knotted, or a patch created that blends seamlessly with the rug. Damaged or missing fringe can be replaced or re-woven while the binding can be repaired.

  • Rug Re-sizing

Resizing a rug is an option to save a rug that has large patches of damage on its surface. While considering its design, cutting the rug down to a smaller size and creating a new edging can give you a totally new piece. 

  • Blocking and Backing Repair

If your rug is losing its shape, one reason is the backing might need to be replaced. Our technicians replace the existing backing with a tough tufted backing. Blocking can flatten wrinkles and help straighten out edges again. 

Restore your Wool rug's beauty

Acids in pet urine, food, or liquids can attack a fine area rug, making colors bleed or burning its fibers - which in turn allows more absorption of pollutants and dirt.

Blotting liquids immediately from the rug and under-padding can help stave off damage. But just as often simple home measures are just not enough. We can help your fine wool rug get its glow back. We offer highly-specialized color restoration services in NY & NJ, so the beauty and value of your Wool rug will be long-lasting. 

Wool rug artistry you can trust

Comprehensive cleaning is the best way to find damage in a Wool rug. We find even the faintest beginnings of discoloring caused by use and wear, exposure to sunlight, pet stains, or water from under a plant. When we find it our highly-skilled rug dyers go to work. 

Their color restoration service uses the best vegetable dyes available to bring back your rug's color and beauty.

Call us now at (866) 466-4576 for all your area rug needs in NY, NYC, NJ & CT Or use our Online Form.

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