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Turkish Rug Cleaning and Repair

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Cleaning, repair, and restoration for your Turkish rug

Hand-knotted and flat-woven Turkish rugs are among the world's most famous hand-crafted rugs. Only natural fibers are used in these handmade rugs. We provide with you expert rug cleaning, repair and restoration services in New York and New Jersey including the finest care available for unique Turkish rugs. We provide top-quality Turkish rug cleaning and repair and reliable cleaning services customers all over the tri-state.

Do you clean your Turkish rugs professionally?

You will if you care about your rug. Our specialists have the skills to safely clean, repair and restore Turkish rugs – Antique, Handmade and Vegetable dye – We take care of them all. We're skilled in natural fibers such as cotton, wool, or silk. Another expertise we have is caring for Turkish antique rugs materials like Silk and wool and giving them the proper care to maintain them in top shape.

Our cleaning crews are highly-trained, experienced rug experts. They use the best equipment available in the business and stay updated on new techniques and development in the green cleaning products cleaning world. We're fully dedicated to natural cleaning, and so we use only 100% biodegradable rug cleaning solutions. It's about our concern for your health and safety, as well as keeping the environment healthy. 

The local Turkish rug cleaning experts

If you can't remember when you last cleaned it, you're due. Use and wear forces dirt deep into your Turkish rug daily. This dirt weakens your rug's foundation and gives germs and allergens a place to hide and grow. We're Turkish rug cleaning experts in New York. A professional cleaning will give your treasured rug a fresh new look and smell. It will also make your home more comfortable and inviting.

When we clean your rug, our cleaning professionals first inspect your rug thoroughly. Then they add a cleaning patch for protection during the cleaning process.

We then "dust" your rug to remove trapped soil. Depending on your rug's needs, we clean it in water, or with a dry cleaning solvent. Both methods make your home healthier and more appealing. We then dry your rug in a temperature-regulated room. 

Extend the life of your rug

Our cleaning process includes: 

  • Stain and spot removal
  • Pet stain and odor removal 
  • Insect removal
  • Moth protection 
  • Allergy control 
  • Mildew and mold protection and removal

Expert rug renewal for treasured rugs

Not everyone has the background and equipment to fix a damaged Turkish rug. They are unique in nature and deserve a delicate process that keeps their colors and looks alive and well. We provide you with complete repair services of Turkish area rugs, in New York, NYC & New Jersey.

With daily use, your rug can suffer from wear and tear, as well as color fading or any other condition that warrants professional expert repair. We combine the best tools in the industry with expert knowledge that has been around for ages, to give your rug the care it needs. Sometimes it will be necessary to use high-tech tools especially made for us, and sometimes we will use old fashioned backing techniques to give it the support it needs.   

A Wide Array of Services

  • Turkish Reweaving
    When your rug has a hole in it, you can trust us to fix it. We can make a new foundation that looks just like a natural continuation of your rug.  
  • Turkish fringe repair and replace
    Fringes can be added to a rug in two ways: either sawed all the way from the foundation or sawed on the outside of the rug. When fixing it, we can use a machine or do it by hand, depends on the type of damage your rug has.
  • Turkish Rug Binding
    Rug binding is primarily used to fix problems – repair or replace - in the binding on the side of the rug. After we inspect the damage, we decide what the right method is, and chose whether to fix it by hand or by machine.
  • Turkish Rug Re-sizing
    Some damages that lay on the outer edges of the rug can be easily fixed with a rug resizing service. During this service, the technicians cut the rug down to a smaller size and rebind & re-fringe the sides and ends.
  • Turkish Rug Blocking 
    This treatment, which comes after the cleaning process, is meant to stretch out the thinner rugs to fight serious wrinkles and folds.
  • Turkish Rug Overcasting
    This skilled knotting and weaving technique keeps end fringes undamaged. This strengthens the attachment of the fringe to the foundation and the foundation itself.

Fully Restored Turkish Rugs

A Turkish rug can bring a hint of the Oriental to your New York, New Jersey, and NYC home. Whether your trusty Turkish treasure is an old family heirloom or a modern addition from a recent holiday, you'll want it to get expert care if it needs restoration. 

Your Turkish rug could be damaged by spilled water or water marked from pot plants, faded by sunlight or stained or soiled by your children or pets.

Delight in your Turkish rug again

Not every cleaning company can repair Turkish rugs. It takes special training, skill, and materials. We have all three at Flat Rate Carpet. It can take a thorough professional cleaning to repair your Turkish rug. 

We find damage caused by use and wear, exposure to sunlight, pet stains, or water from a potted plant. When we find it our highly-skilled rug dyers do their magic.

Their color restoration service uses the finest vegetable dyes available to bring back your rug's color and beauty. We use only organic products and gentle methods to restore your rug to its original condition. Our services also include dusting, washing, fixing the fringes and backing and straightening Turkish rugs.

Call us now at (866) 466-4576 for all your area rug needs in NY, NYC, NJ & CT Or use our Online Form.

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