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Silk Rug Cleaning and Repair

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Silk rug cleaning, repair, and restoration by experts

Silk rugs come in a dazzling array of colors and patterns. Their varied weaves add a touch of drama to a room. We offer you highly-skilled rug cleaning, repair and restoration services in NY – including the best care possible for beautiful Silk rugs. We provide prompt, reliable and affordable cleaning services to thousands of our neighbors and friends. 

What makes our rug cleaning effective?

Our knowledge and experience are unique. Our rug specialists have the ability to safely clean, repair and restore all kinds of rugs – Silk, Persian, Oriental, Chinese, Native American, hand-and-machine-made – We do them all and many more. We're experts in natural fibers such as silk, cotton, and wool. We also know provide the finest care possible to synthetic materials such as polyester. 

Our cleaning teams are highly-trained, highly-skilled rug professionals. We outfit them with the best equipment we can buy. We also use only 100%-organic cleaning solutions. We're fully dedicated to green cleaning. It's how we demonstrate our genuine concern for the health and safety of your family, your pets and the environment itself.

Special Attention, Love for Silk Rugs

Flat Rate Carpet offers you the best silk rug cleaning New York service in the industry. We come backed with years of experience and training with silk. Our qualified experts treat your silk rug with the highest level of care and keen attention.

Trust us with the care and cleaning of your precious treasure. We hold all fine area rugs, especially those made of silk, with high regard.

We know that fine rugs tell a beautiful tale of different cultures, people, time periods and location. We preserve these intricate details during our silk rug cleaning treatment.

When we finish the cleaning process, your silk rug will shine with the original diamond luster you love.

Bold & Beautiful Skill Qualities

Silk, a natural protein fiber, makes for gorgeous woven rugs due to its shimmering appearance. Just like diamonds, silk features a triangular prism structure that refracts incoming light at different angles and cast colored lights.

With the complex fiber structure, silk is one of the strongest natural fibers available. But, unfortunately, silk weakens drastically when wet.

This leads to serious problems when spills or messes pollute your rug. Wet stains not only discolor the rug but also, may easily lead to tears and holes. Other messes, like dirt and dust, lead to fading and other damages.

Professional Quality, Expert Clean

We start the silk rug cleaning New York service with a complete inspection of your fine piece. This essential step helps our silk expert identify all messes and problem areas.

We perform all rug services in our innovative cleaning facility. At our off-premise space, we control all the environmental variables important for a professional clean.

Because silk weakens with water exposure, we suggest dry cleaning to clean your fine rug. The process starts by removing all loose soils then spends a longer amount of time removing the embedded messes from the textile.

Our dry cleaning method completely cleans your silk rug with a non-toxic green cleaning solvent. This cleaning solution effectively removes all stains and messes without harming the delicate nature of your rug.

When we finish your silk rug cleaning New York service, you will love a restored clean and beautiful luster of your fine piece. Call Flat Rate Carpet today to enjoy a professional clean for your valuable silk rug.

Flat Rate Carpet has extensive experience in the cleaning, repair, and restoration of fine silk rugs. Trust us with your timeless pieces. Call us today on

Expert rug renewal for treasured rugs

The skill and the knowledge to repair Silk rugs aren't common. We have both. We offer complete repair of Silk rugs in NY, NYC & NJ. We use both classic and modern methods for rug repair.

  • Silk Reweaving
    Holes can be caused by wear and tear, by human feet or even your pets. To fix that, we reweave a new foundation that makes your rug look complete and renewed.
  • Silk fringe repair and replace
    our fringing service either repairs the problematic parts or replaces the entire row of fringe. The repair service can be done by hand or with a machine. If done by hand, technicians start from the foundation and create new or repair old fringed. If done by a machine, technicians match the fibers, color, and style of existing fringe from a spool and apply the new pieces with a sewing machine.
  • Silk Rug Binding
    We repair or replace the problems in the binding found on the side of the rug. We re-sew the binding either by hand or with a machine depending on the need and nature of the rug.
  • Silk Rug Re-sizing
    Damage on the outside edges of your rug can be repaired with rug re-sizing. Our technicians cut the rug down to a smaller size. Then they rebind and re-fringe the sides and ends.  
  • Silk Rug Blocking 
    Blocking stretches out finer, thin rugs to combat wrinkles and folds.
  • Silk Rug Overcasting
    This service is a knotting and weaving treatment, performed by hand, which keeps the end fringes from coming undone at the top. This service strengthens the base attachment of the fringe to the foundation and keeps it from weakening and damaging the overall foundation. 

Silk rugs need expert treatment

Silk is a very expensive material, and your silk rug will be a prized possession. Silk is also a very delicate material. Its fibers can be easily damaged by acid in food, liquid and pet urine, water and its colors can be faded by sunlight and everyday wear.

Harsh cleaning methods can damage your precious rug further, so it is crucial to choose a rug cleaning company that specializes in restoring silk rugs and understands the necessary treatments needed to restore your rug, whilst treating it with care.

Gently restoring your silk rug

Flat Rate Carpet has restored and repaired many silk rugs in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut areas, and we understand that each rug is unique and must be restored in a unique way. 

We use organic, gentle methods and treatments to preserve your rug's unique features, whilst returning it to its original condition. We fix water damage and fading, as well as fabric tears, and our organic color restoration service, using natural vegetable dyes, which brings out your rug's own color and beauty.

With Flat Rate Carpet, you can be sure that your silk rug is in good hands.

Call us now at (866) 466-4576 for all your area rug needs in NY, NYC, NJ & CT Or use our Online Form.

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