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Shag Rug Care

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Your Psychedelic Shag

Does your shag rug no longer have the soft texture and lush look it once had? Maybe it's time to bring some life back into that 70's classic! Shags are characterized by different pile strands, which give them their "wild" look. They are made out of nylon, cotton, and acrylic, and come in all kinds of colors.

Deep Cleaning for Embedded Dirt

We shape our cleaning process around your rug's specific needs, so that you get the best possible results. Our expert technicians use certified organic cleaners so that you, your kids, and pets can roll around on it safely. We'll clean it gently, ridding it of dirt, grime, and dust which, if not treated, will eat away at its fibers.

Expert Attention to Problems

We also deal with customized repairs and restorations, and can order special and hard-to-find fibers that most other rug cleaning and repair companies aren't able to obtain.

Detailed Craftsmanship

Our weavers' work is almost undetectable and will have your shag looking great again. And because we want you to be satisfied with the work, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every job.

Shag rug cleaning, repair and restoration you can trust

A shag rug's deep pile makes it warm and inviting. The popularity of shag rugs has endured through the years, from the original white wool to modern synthetic in crazy colors. 

Any rug that gets daily traffic of family, pets and the elements will need to be regularly up kept and treated to make sure it gets clean, smells fresh and is in good shape. A shag rug in particular is always at its best when soft and cozy.

Cleaning Done by Experts

Rug cleaning in NY & NJ is best done by the experts - that means us. Our team of skilled and knowledgeable technicians will inspect your rug and advise you on the exact procedure it needs to be rid of dirt, grime and funny smells, once again making it a showpiece of your home.

In addition to tailoring our methods to each individual rug, we only use organic cleaning materials to give a clean that is tough on dirt but gentle to your rug's fabric. 

Whether natural fiber or synthetic, we have the right products and techniques to bring your rug back to its freshest, softest like-new state.

Expert rug renewal for treasured rugs

As you enjoy your Shag rug, normal wear and tear can accumulate. Even the most durable of wool fibers can experience breakdown or damage from pet urine and direct sunlight. Accidents can cause tears in the backing or rip out the fibers.

Repairs will take into account a Shag rug's unique construction, and the mixed length of threads that creates the deep pile. The nature of the deterioration will be assessed together with the rug's texture. The fiber makeup, including the backing, is closely examined.

A Smart Fix

Holes, missing backing, skewed sides, missing fringe and threads are just a few of the types of damage that can afflict a Shag rug.  Our team of experts handles them all professionally and with an ability to making your rug look new again.

We evaluate your rug in NY & NJ to inform you of your choices in what can be done to fix any damage. Making repairs, when they are small and less drastic, will not only make repairs easier to handle, but help ensure that your rug is around for much longer. 

So instead of having to buy a new Shag to replace your favorite but damaged one, bring it in for a check-up and repair. 

Expert renewal for your Shag rug

From original Greek Flokati rugs, where the entire rug - the long pile and the backing it is set in - is woven from wool, to modern synthetic rugs with a cotton backing, Shag rugs add warmth to cold rooms from both a temperature and design point of view.

The long pile can bring a young, funky look to a room, immediately upgrading a solid, straight room to one with softer edges.

Every restoration treatment of Shag rugs begins with a full cleaning. This will show what marks that can be washed away is, and what is true deterioration that needs different care. 

Whatever material it is made of, long pile is good at trapping dirt and food. Pet stains can cause discoloration and when left to settle for too long, actually lower the resilience of the fiber. Moth larvae can create holes that allow the backing to fall apart. 

Remedies for Shag rugs

In order to bring a discolored rug back to its original look, the right dyes must be mixed up and a match must be found.  If faded from the sun or discolored from bleeding adjacent dye or pet stains, we will evaluate what must be done and let you know your options. 

Call us now at (866) 466-4576 for all your shag rug needs in NY, NYC, NJ & CT Or use our Online Form.

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