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Karastan Rug Care

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Reputation for Excellence

Reproducing complicated and ornate hand-woven rugs on specially-designed looms since 1928, Karastan is a household name when it comes to carpet manufacturing. Known for their durability over the years, Karastan wool rugs have a reputation for excellence.

Special Treatment for Each Rug

At Flat Rate Carpet, we believe that each rug should be treated according to its specific needs. This is why we carry out individual assessments—in order to determine the best possible cleaning and care process. Our detailed process was built to accommodate the changing needs of different rugs. 

Environmentally-Safe Treatment

By using environmentally-safe products on your rug, its lifespan will be lengthened, which will save you the cost of having to replace it earlier than necessary. Our organic solutions will also protect the health of your family and pets.

Our Work Is Guaranteed

We promise to maintain the quality of your rug, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our work.

Top Quality Cleaning

Original and modern Karastan rugs are made from worsted wool. This is a natural fiber that can repel some liquids and holds up very well to dirt and regular traffic.

Yet in order for it to stay at its best and avoid the buildup of particles and debris in the root of its fibers - leading to damage in the foundation - it must be deep cleaned periodically.

Flat Rate Carpet's Karastan rug process

To provide deep cleaning for rugs in NY and NJ, we have developed a very specialized method. Starting with the initial inspection to heavy-duty dusting, to the cleaning and drying in a temperature-controlled room. Before it's returned to you, we give it final spruce up. You receive a rug that looks and feels as beautiful and soft as when you first purchased it for your home.

Our cleaning process includes:

  • Stain, spot and odor removal
  • Insect and moth removal
  • Mildew and allergy protection and removal

A thorough, natural clean

An important part of our process is the exclusive use of organic cleaning solutions. We prefer to return a fresh, renewed carpet to your home that holds no leftover chemicals. This is one way we show our commitment to the environment inside of our client's homes.

Who repairs your Karastan rug?

Repairing a rug not only helps retain its value. A whole, intact Karastan rug can retain its beauty and place as a statement in your home decor, with no need to worry that an unraveling bit or wrinkle will trip up anyone.

After being cleaned (in order to be able to see the full extent of any damage an examination is affected and any damage assessed. 

Among our specialties for rug repair:

  • Hole, fringe and binding repair
  • Backing Repair
  • Rug Blocking and stretching
  • Rug Overcasting
  • Rug Re-sizing

A hole can be rewoven from the foundation up - if necessary a patch can be created. We also repair damaged or missing fringe and can re-sew rug binding. Cracked, worn backing will be replaced. Rug blocking stretches out finer, thin carpets to combat wrinkles and folds.

Meticulous repair of Karastan rugs

Rug repair is an art, and our technicians are artists who handle all kinds of pieces in addition to Karastan rugs  - Antique, Indian and Traditional, just as an example. 

At the return, your repaired rug will be whole once again, given a longer lease on its life as a part of your lovely home furnishings.  

Expert Restoration for Karastan rugs

Unchanging, direct sunlight can be the enemy of any upholstery or rug dye. It can fade even the deepest colors. Your Karastan rug loved for its subtle patterns and colors, is vulnerable to the sun and pet urine as well: these things can affect alterations in all the colors in your rug.

Any color touch-ups necessary will be matched to the rug's colors after being cleaned. Cleaning prior to restoration makes sure any matter capable of affecting our dyes is removed and also displays the damage in the rug for our team.

Examination for preciseness 

In examining your rug before the restoration process, we assess the damage and decide on a plan of action. Colors and fastness are checked.  In order to refresh its look, our expert dyers create colors to match the patterns and hues. 

Color creativity

After the color correction, you will once again have a wonderful, valuable Karastan rug to show. We will be proud to return it to you with the knowledge that you can return it to the center of your home decor, fresh looking and smelling as good as the day it was brought home.

Call us now at (866) 466-4576 for all your karastan rug needs in NY, NYC, NJ & CT Or use our Online Form.

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