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Viscose Rug Cleaning

Viscose Rug Cleaning NYC – Experienced & Effective Cleaning

Viscose rugs are manufactured from wood pulp, although other materials might be used in the process. At its core, it is a modified cellulose (made from the cellulose found in trees and plants, later to be proceeded). In appearance and touch, it could often have similarities to silk and cotton rugs, but it’s less gentle and delicate as those two are – since unlike those two, it is manufactured rather then made by hand.  Viscose rugs maintain a nice lustre, which gave it the nickname ‘artificial silk’, and like a good silk rug (or any other type), it need maintenance and care to keep its qualities, appearance and structure along the way. 

Keeping Your Beautiful Viscose Rug in Shape 

Viscose fibre tends to absorb moisture (more then other fibres, to some degree), and it had a tendency of bleeding colours and loosing its integrity and form, if not cared for professionally from time to time. That is one of the reasons it is usually laid in somewhat less trafficked areas of the house or office. Due to its nature, these types of rugs are desperate for a professional touch, tools and know how. And unlike other types of rugs, which you might find helpful tips for care (including this site), Viscose rugs refuse basic cleaning techniques and require a professional method to keep it clean and maintain good form.

Smart Science and The Right Tools

Our main applied cleaning methods, which keeps rugs wet for sometimes an extended period of time, is less effective and can even damage the viscose rug cleaning process.  

In viscose rug cases, we use exact pressure and controlled via a specific machine, that allows for rinsing a cleaning to happen in the same time, as to not let excess water and wetness temper with the rug. At this stage, while protecting its fibre, we can get most of the dirt out, before moving it to a designated drying room, for fast and consistent drying. 

Our team of specialists have the skills and knowledge to safely and cleaning and care for your viscose rug in NYC, allowing it to maintain its form and colours for many years to come. We use tailor made solutions for each type of rug, to get the best results possible. Using only 100% organic cleaning solutions, we can keep your health and the health of your rug without damaging either.  

Ready to bring back the lustre to your old viscose rug? If so, contact us for immediate care and we will send a technician in for a free estimate. 

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