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Sisal Rug Restoration

Your Sisal rug, skillfully restored 

Pets can affect rugs, including Sisal fiber rugs, in a way - their urine can stain the fibers and cause them to alter their color. Sunlight can also create faded spots, especially if a rug has been stationed in direct sunlight for a long time. One thing to do to avoid this is to turn the rug periodically, to even out the influence if the sun.

When a rug’s colors become drastically changed to the point where it begins to be an eyesore, think about having the colors restored. Any area rug can be assessed to see how it can be touched up color-wise.

Restoration always begins after cleaning, to remove dirt that could affect the dye process and to reveal the colors as they are. In this way we ensure a match.

When a Sisal rug has stains or faded patches, coloring it in its entirety is something to be explored.

Trust us with your Sisal rug

For any rug that comes into our facility, our highly skilled dyers will work their magic Top quality vegetable dyes mixed with our teams ability will bring back your rugs colors and vibrancy.
For skilled Sisal rug restoration in NY & NJ, call us today at 866-466-4576.

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