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Silk Rug Repair

Expert rug renewal for treasured rugs

The skill and the knowledge to repair Silk rugs aren’t common. We have both. We offer complete repair of Silk rugs in NY, NYC & NJ. We use both classic and modern methods for rug repair.

  • Silk Reweaving
    Holes can be caused by wear and tear, by human feet or even your pets. To fix that, we reweave a new foundation that makes your rug look complete and renewed.
  • Silk fringe repair and replace
    our fringing service either repairs the problematic parts or replaces the entire row of fringe. The repair service can be done by hand or with a machine. If done by hand, technicians start from the foundation and create new or repair old fringed. If done by a machine, technicians match the fibers, color, and style of existing fringe from a spool and apply the new pieces with a sewing machine.
  • Silk Rug Binding
    We repair or replace the problems in the binding found on the side of the rug. We re-sew the binding either by hand or with machine depending on the need and nature of the rug.
  • Silk Rug Re-sizing
    Damage on the outside edges of your rug can be repaired with rug re-sizing. Our technicians cut the rug down to a smaller size. Then they rebind and re-fringe the sides and ends.  
  • Silk Rug Blocking 
    Blocking stretches out finer, thin rugs to combat wrinkles and folds.
  • Silk Rug Overcasting
    This service is a knotting and weaving treatment, performed by hand, which keeps the end fringes from coming undone at the top. This service strengthens the base attachment of the fringe to the foundation and keeps it from weakening and damaging the overall foundation. 

Call us today at 866-466-4576 for the finest Silk rug repairs in New York & New Jersey.

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