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Heriz Rug Cleaning & Repair

Your Heriz Rug Looking Beautiful Once Again

Heriz rugs originate in Heris, of east Azerbaijan. They are made in the village under the same name for hundreds of years, as a family tradition that passes from generation to generation. 
Part of the uniqueness of the Heriz rug comes from the vast deposits of copper in the mountains near the village, which seeps into the sheep's drinking water and makes for a much more resilient wool for the prepration of these rugs. 

These type of rugs usually uses large medallions (or a main large medallion right at the middle) as main decorations, so it has its own character and sense of beauty. 

We offer expert cleaning and repair services for Heriz rugs in New York and New Jersey. 

Not Just Cleaning - Repair is Also an Option!

Every rug, resilient as may be, needs special attention once in a while. Small tears, discoloration, uneven fringes, all of these contribute to the the deterioration of the area rug and its structure. 

We pass it through our highly detailed cleaning process before doing any repair work, so we can see the real state of the rug, as well as giving it a truly fresh start.  

Talk to us about getting your precious Heriz rug new and better life… 

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