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Bijar Rug Cleaning & Repair

Often referred as the Iron Rugs of Iran, Bijar rugs are durable, heavy formed, and a popular choice among rug owners in the west and the us for a long time now. As time and fashion progressed, however, it tends to appear in a much lighter form, thinner, resembling others types of rugs, such as Sarouk. 

Bijar became a popular choice due to their high quality and durability as a everyday rug that would hold on for years. They are constructed very well and have beautiful and varied designs.

But even these rigid rugs needs attention from time to time, and we are here to offer you just that, with our Persian and Bijar rug cleaning & repair services in New York and New Jersey.

Specializing in area rugs and particularly Oriental and Persian rugs, we developed a unique process for cleaning, repair, restoration and maintenance. 

Our process, allowing for each rug with its specific needs and demands to be cleaned accordingly, is completely natural and non toxic. That way you know you are not threatened by harmful chemicals ,and that your rug is not subject to possible harm.

No More Grime - The Return of Color

Since Bijar area rugs are very rigid and well formed, we need to be thorough when cleaning it, making sure each thread and every fiber gets the attention it deserves. We put your rug through our multi stage cleaning process, applying the necessary method. The process should and would remove spots, stains, odors, and vanish all embedded grime and dirt - two main causes for the deterioration of area rugs. 

Repairing The Hardest of Damages

Our repair and restoration process includes every step of the cleaning process, so we can see the rug's true shape, inspect its structure and asses the recommended course of action. Only then we can use our expertise, and renew your rug, handling everything from uneven fringes to loss of color. We have the technique, expertise, and most important of all - a vast experience, spanning years of satisfied customers. 

An Invitation 

Caring for your rug is crucial to keep it in top form and enjoy its qualities and character for years to come. Talk to us about getting it down today. 

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