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Pakistani Rug Care

Keep the Shine and Softness

Often made using wool yarn imported from Australia, these strong and durable rugs have a silky texture, resembling Persian rugs’ oriental designs.

Especially manufactured for Western buyers, Pakistani rugs need detailed cleaning to keep their shine and softness.

Bring Back a Tired Looking Rug

By choosing Flat Rate Carpet, you can improve not only the look and feel of your rug, but also the lifespan and quality of your rug. The aesthetic improvement will also bring new life to a tired room, and a fresh feeling back into your home.

Organic All the Way

At Flat Rate, we use organic products that are always environmentally friendly, and green for your home. Cleaning your rug will also improve the air quality, as contaminants gathered in the rug’s pile will be flushed out and new life flushed in.

Our Guarantee

Call us today for a free at home consultation and written estimate—we give you our guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services!

Call us now at (866) 466-4576 for all your pakistani rug needs in NY, NYC, NJ & CT Or use our Online Form.

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  • All our area rugs had water damage. Excellent restoration was done by your team. Thank you very much.

    Mark Hathaway, Riverside NY
  • Your people were professional and fast, it really helped us get through this whole process of renovation....

    David and Lisa Teller, Fairfield, CT
  • "..I thought my dog ruined my couch forever. But then you came and cleaned the stains and removed all the dog...

    Jenna Smith, Great Neck, NY
  • Thanks for the way you guys cleaned the wall- to-wall in my apartment. They were all grimy, and now they are...

    Jenny Desantis, Burlington, NJ
  • My living room furniture is looking fresh again - it looks like it did when I bought it!Thanks guys for...

    Karen McCarthy, New York
  • "..I can't believe how good my house looks after professional carpet cleaning. Thank you, Flat Rate Carpet."

    Jake House , Salem, NY
  • "Hey Ron, I don't know how your guys did it, but the dog smell disappeared, and the rug is like new with no...

    Richard, Hempstead, NY
  • I greatly appreciate working with your team to update our home. The service, from coordinating the decor to...

    Mary Stanton, Middlesex, NJ
  • "Alex from Flat Rate did a great job cleaning my couches. He gave a great explanation of the quote and price...

    Patti McConor, Aberdeen Township, NJ
  • Hi Tom!This is a little note for you and your crew who did a beautiful job on my mom's living room and...

    Sheryl Ann