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Kilims Rug Repair

Let your rug stay at its best

Natural fibers like wool or silk, although built to last, are sensitive to direct sunlight and the modern environment full of pollution and chemicals. This is why it is so important to do a regular checkup when vacuuming. Sometimes an older rug can become infested, with moths and their larvae making their home in its threads and creating tiny holes. 

Even a Kilim displayed on the wall must be inspected for moths periodically.

Over time, if it is a heavy traffic area, the fibers of a Kilim rug can begin to deteriorate. Edges can become frayed. Rips and holes can appear and the threads unravel. This is ripe for foot catching, which in turn makes the hole larger.

We are the experts in Kilims rug repair for NY & NJ. Our experience and skills allow us to evaluate your Kilim to see exactly what is needed to bring it back to its best state.

A thorough cleaning must be done to see what of the damage can actually be washed away. Holes can be fixed, edges retied and rewound. A skewed rug or wall hanging can be straightened.

Contact us for a free estimate of our Kilim rug repair services in your home in the area at 866-466-4576.

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    Mark Hathaway, Riverside NY
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    Richard, Hempstead, NY
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