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Chinese Rug Repair

Cherished Chinese rugs, expertly repaired

Not everyone has the knowledge and experience to repair Chinese rugs. Flat Rate Carpet has both. We offer expert repair of Chinese rugs in NY & NJ. We use both classic and modern methods to turn back time on your valued rug.

When we receive rugs for repair, our first step it to give it a cleaning treatment, in order for the true scope of any damage or problems to be made obvious. Once it is cleaned and dried, we can have a look at the structure, elements and coloring.

  • Structural and elemental repair: 
    Holes, fringe and binding can, in general, all be repaired. Either a hole will be re-woven, or a patch created. Fringe can be strengthened with overcasting, or replaced altogether. Edges and binding can all be done up to look as if there was never a problem.
  • Restyling your Chinese rug: 
    A warped or crooked rug might be the result of loose or cracked backing, which can be replaced. Wrinkles and folds can be blocked back to smoothness. A highly damaged rug can be turned into a smaller one, by resizing - giving a new shape with the fitting sides and ends.

For the finest in affordable Chinese rug repairs in NYC & NJ, call us today at 866-466-4576.

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