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Berber Rug Cleaning

Berber rug need individual care

As every Berber rug can be made up of a unique, or special blend of fiber, it is inspected thoroughly before any steps are taken.

As experts in NY and NJ for the care of Berber rugs, we have the knowledge and skills to make sure your Berber rug comes back to you in a fresh, cleaned state, free of the dirt and bacteria that were embedded in it.

Dust off the grime

A Berber rug’s special structure makes it plush and cozy under your feet, but it also makes a “better” surface for debris, crumbs and germs to hibernate in. We give all rugs that come into our facility a vigorous dusting, completely unlike a domestic vacuuming.

Grit, dust, dirt and other particles will all be removed. The correct type of wash will then be given and any drying will be done in a completely climate controlled room. 

Any stains or odors trapped in the rug’s fibers will be handled specially. We generally use organic, non-toxic products to treat and wash rugs under our care. This is both healthy and effective in our cleaning efforts.

The products are gentle - yet tough on dirt and stains - this ensures a rug you receive back to your home will carry no harsh chemical residues.

Contact us today for specialized cleaning of Berber rugs in NY and NJ at 866-466-4576.

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