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Green Rug Cleaning

Living the Green Life with Green Rug Cleaning

We're happy to introduce you to another member of our fresh green cleaning menu of services, green rug cleaning. Area rugs store their fair share of action as they protect and decorate the flooring in your home. Dirt and stains create unpleasant eyesores and odors and cause premature damage. Fight off the dirt and stains with a purely healthy green rug cleaning service from Flat Rate Carpet.

We use certified green cleaning products to get your area rugs looking great. Our organic, non-toxic products remove dirt and stains while keeping your home safe and clean. They work deep into the weaving and piles to remove all messes completely. With the help of green cleaning products, you can enjoy a healthy and complete clean for your area rugs.

Flat Rate Carpet also uses more eco-friendly equipment to complete our biodegradable rug cleaning service. These highly evolved machines do not consume wasteful amounts of energy or water. They perform traditional water extraction and cleaning treatments successfully using significantly less of our precious natural resources. Our new green cleaning machines make no compromises, they provide a thorough green clean for your rugs.

Start enjoying a healthy and green house today, with our green rug cleaning services in New York & New Jersey. 

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