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Green Mattress Cleaning

A Good Night Sleep?

Getting into bed when we are completely tired and spent is one of life's greatest pleasures. Putting our heads on the pillow, covering in the warmth of the blanket, we can finally surrender ourselves to the sweet promise of sleep.

But would we go to sleep so comfortably if we knew what might lay there with us?

That is in great doubt.

What do You go to Sleep With?

Dust mites, which are fed from our skin cells that are being shed by the thousands each and every day. 
Not all beds and mattress are infested with dust mites, but many are. If you wake up feeling a bit down, allergic, or with itchy red eyes, that might be it.

The Solution?

Our team of expert technicians offers organic and green mattress cleaning services in NY & NJ, providing you full and complete removal of dust mites or any other life form that might reside in there. We also vanish all stains and spots, and getting deep within the mattress to remove all dirt hidden in the fibers.

This chemical free, yet powerful cleaning solution, using only biodegradable - non toxic - cleaning products, will able to you to once again sleep comfortably in your own bed - and this time only with who you choose to sleep with :)

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Green Mattress Cleaning NY & NJ